• How to Farm More PoE Gold Coins in the Ruthless Event
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    The latest edition to the Path of Exile game is the new and latest Ruthless mode, which was added to the game keeping more hardcore players in mind. Old school gamers that have played Diablo 2 and PoE since the beginning of the PoE's history have always craved the scarcity and difficulty of old gen ARPG games to which GGG has launched this mode.


    Farm PoE Gold Coins in the Ruthless Event cover


    But to counter the scarcity and build your gear in time requires sufficient PoE Gold Coins. So if you want to rave up as much currency as possible, this article is for you.



    What is Ruthless Mode, and What New Things it Offers?

    Typically, when discussing PoE, you always think of experimentation and the ability to be flexible when making your Exile and trying out new builds. Now the game has been this way for quite some time, and to spice things up and cater to more hardcore players, Grinding Gear Games have up the ante and raised the stakes with Ruthless Mode.


    Instead of ramping up the HP pools of bosses and mobs, GGG has restricted the RNG drop rate of the loot for this mode. Due to this concept, the Ruthless mode provides more anticipation of what may drop and adds a bit of tension and resistance to what typically the rate of the RNG loot pool is. Now whenever a new unique or special gear drops, it will hold more meaning and excite the gamer much more than before.


    Furthermore, you can't easily buy skill gems from vendors like you used to further limit the scope of powerful items. So to stay ahead in the early game, players need to farm as much PoE Currency as possible. Therefore, this article discusses the best route to farm as much currency as possible.



    PoE Ruthless Gold Farming Guide – Best Tips and Tricks

    Why do we need this guide when tons of others are available online? The scarcity and lower map sustain change in how gamers play the game. It might be a shock to the new player if they are not aware of the changes made to the game.


    To sustain the map correctly, you will need to spend your first 50 points at least towards it, but how will you do it? Let's discuss them in detail.


    The Perpetual Search of Ruthless Atlas Node

    When going for different nodes in the Atlas, you should take as many points around Perpetual Search as possible for the Alva Missions to gain fantastic resources even if there aren't many drops from incursion monsters. So to do that, you need to target as many Incursion missions as possible due to the monster density, so take Incursion Temple as soon as possible.


    The Perpetual Search of Ruthless Atlas Node 2


    The Next Point – Mad Devotion

    Now the 2nd route you should consider is Mad Devotion, and as you can see from the image below, Delve is a must-have node here which will allow you to access more monsters and gain maps. Lead the way into the Solidarity node and eventually the Commissioned Officer node.


    Mad Devotion 3


    Planar Tactician Atlas Node for the Ruthless Mode

    If you are following the mad devotion node pathway, you can continue towards the Planar Tactician node, which you can find on the other side, and might have to go through 3 smaller nodes, as you can see in the image below.


    Planar Tactician Atlas Node 4


    The primary reason to get this node is because of the Kirac Missions, as you can get many different maps opened up due to this node and eventually start getting unique maps as the Atlas bonus.


    One thing to keep in mind is that Kirac inventories will be updated. Kirac mappings are also offered in Ruthless for less money than in the standard game, but this price level will affect you nonetheless because you have much less money in Ruthless than in the original game.


    The Next Node – Shaping the Mountains

    In the base game, Shaping the mountain is undoubtedly one of the best nodes for the Atlas Map, and as explained in the next section, it is what you need to consider.


    Shaping the Seas, Valleys, and Sulphite Infusion

    Reaching the last bit of nodes will rack up 26 points until now, so from here on, you need to consider the Shaping of the Seas and Valleys as essential nodes. Furthermore, you also need to add Sulphite Infusion from the Delve Nodes. Though you might have to spend a few nodes to acquire Sulphite Infusion, the best part is that it will create a steady stream of currency for the rest of the season.


    Shaping the Seas 5


    The reason behind steady stream is that it also increases the density of monsters, allowing you to gain more loot. Now here is the catch: Your Exile will be much weaker from the base game, so you may need help grinding a bit to be on par.



    Best Builds to Earn Easy in The Ruthless Mode Gold Event

    In the previous section, we discuss which of the best nodes can ease your journey through the end-game mode called the Atlas. Following are some fantastic builds that can charm your way to make it easy in this challenging mode.


    1.   Cold DoT Build

    The support gems for this build revolve around the Frost Bomb's Cold Exposure and the Frost Bite boost damage allowing for tons of Cold DoT skills. The build is significantly beginner friendly because there isn't any unique gear tied to it, as most damage you do to bosses and gems relies on just the skill gems.


    So, during the early game, you only worry about the Def stats you will need as the challenge is more than the base game. Later, you can start investing in Offensive stats, allowing you a more passive playstyle during the early few hours.


    The build scales really well for the late game, and if you have different gear from what is mentioned in detail in this YouTube video Tutorial, there is much flexibility. So, create the build that suits the gear you have solo-found.


    2.   Bleed Gladiator Build

    The Bleed Blow Gladiator is well known for their 50% bleed chance and further enhanced explosions from the Ascendancy. Furthermore, the skill tree location allows for more bleed chances in the region and a chance to gain the Crimson Dance node.


    The build has further benefits from bleed chance and more Def and Offense skills and damage from here. All of these benefits will become innate from the skill tree. You can combine the Split Arrow allowing for more piercing projectiles to clear the maps no matter the number of mobs quickly.


    So if you utilize the bleed and other skill gems correctly, the combination can become a powerful choice for the end game loved by many players dealing tons of damage over time. You should remember that DoT is also a potent boss-killing skill, where you just have to keep dealing damage and kiting the boss and minion mobs. You can look at this YouTube Tutorial for this build for a complete detailed guide.


    3.   Pathfinder Misc Poising Build

    This is another DoT build, as it amazingly utilizes the poison proliferation skill for the low-level mobs. The build is better than the Scourge Arrow and improves on its many drawbacks with the help of Master Toxicist, which helps transfer the poison to nearby enemies if any afflicted die.


    The best part about this fantastic build is that it needs to fire a projectile once, and the mobs start melting like crazy.


    4.   Summon Raging Spirit Build

    This impressive summoner build can be played from the early game and is available for gamers with two variants. The first one is Minion Pop Instability, while the 2nd one uses poison as their primary source of damage. The Pop Instability build uses Summon Raging Spirits to deal most of the damage but keep in mind that it can also be quite unstable, and you may lose all your minions at a single big blast.


    Excellent league starter builds are fantastic for new players who don't want to learn too many mechanics. You can learn more about this build on the YouTube Tutorial.



    Ending Thoughts

    Ruthless is being made available to players as part of the End-Of-League Events Ruthless with Gold in the Path of Exile 3.20 Season by GGG. It's time to put together your Ruthless setups to attempt to earn PoE Divine Orb currency on the PoE hard mode if you've been itching to give Ruthless a go yet are hesitant to do that at a significant league start. And if you're having trouble deciding which construct to choose, don't worry— as we have explained enough in this tutorial for the best knowledge transfer.


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