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How to Craft Powerful Eldritch Items for Cheap PoE 3.21

By Pen Slingers2023-05-17

You can create formidable gear without spending a fortune with the right strategies and knowledge. Eldritch crafting offers exciting possibilities for enhancing your character's strength and tackling challenging content.


This article will provide valuable tips and techniques to help you craft potent Eldritch PoE items at an affordable cost. From understanding the crafting process to leveraging cost-effective methods, we'll guide you on creating budget-friendly yet powerful equipment.


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Introduction to Eldritch Crafting in Path of Exile

Eldritch Crafting is highly sought after by Path of Exile players due to the unique properties and potential of Eldritch Orbs. These orbs can add modifiers to an item, including powerful offensive and defensive bonuses that help players survive the game's challenging endgame content.


However, it's important to note that Eldritch Crafting and Divine Orb can be expensive and time-consuming, as you will need to acquire the necessary items and orbs and have a bit of luck to achieve the desired outcome. Despite the risks involved, Eldritch Crafting remains a popular and rewarding method for players looking to create some of the most powerful items in the game.


Eldritch Implicits and How You Can Obtain Them

Eldritch Implicits are a special type of modifier that can be obtained through various methods in Path of Exile. These modifiers are exclusive to certain items, such as amulets, belts, and quivers, and can significantly enhance the item's power.


One of the most common ways to obtain an Eldritch Implicit is through Vaal Orbs, which can corrupt an item and potentially add an Eldritch modifier. Another way to obtain Eldritch Implicits is by using certain currency items or PoE currency, such as the Eldritch Orb or Fractured Fossil, which have the potential to add these modifiers to items as well.


Benefits of Eldritch Implicits

Eldritch Implicits can provide many benefits, including increased damage, defense, and utility. For example, an Eldritch Implicit on an amulet might increase critical strike chance, while one on a belt might increase maximum life.


It's important to note that Eldritch Implicits are somewhat rare and can be difficult to obtain, making them highly sought-after among Path of Exile players. Understanding how to obtain Eldritch Implicits and use them effectively is key to successful crafting with Eldritch Orbs and can help you create some of the most powerful items in the game.


Eldritch Dominance

Dominance refers to the Eldritch Implicit modifier with the item's highest tier. The tier is typically determined by the strength of the Ember or Ichor used to add the modifier to the item. If the Eldritch Implicit modifier has the highest tier Prefix, then using Eldritch Currency will modify Prefixes. If the Eldritch Implicit modifier with the highest tier is a Suffix, then using Eldritch Currency will modify Suffixes.


Eldritch Implicits have six different tiers, each with a different power level. The highest tier is Perfect, while the lowest tier is Lesser.

The first four tiers of Eldritch Implicits can be obtained using their respective Embers. The two highest tiers, however, can only be achieved by using Orbs of Conflict.

If both modifiers on an item are the same tier, such as being Lesser, then neither modifier is considered Dominant.



Understanding the Eldritch Orb and Its Properties

The Eldritch Orb is a special item in Path of Exile that you can use to add powerful modifiers to their items. These modifiers can greatly enhance an item's effectiveness in combat and can be themed around curses, chaos damage, and other spooky properties. Eldritch Orbs can only be used on magic or rare items, and the item must have a high enough item level to support the Eldritch modifiers being added.


When an Eldritch Orb is used on an item, a random Eldritch modifier is added. You can continue using Eldritch Orbs on the item to overwrite the previous modifier until they achieve the desired result.


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Properties of Eldritch Orb

Eldritch Orbs have several properties that make them unique and powerful in Path of Exile. When used on an item, an Eldritch Orb will add a random Eldritch modifier, ranging from very powerful to somewhat underwhelming. These modifiers can include increased chaos damage, reduced enemy resistance, and curses afflicting nearby enemies.


What makes Eldritch modifiers especially valuable is their rarity. They cannot be found on regular drops or created using other crafting methods. As Eldritch Orbs are rare, you will need to farm or trade them to use them for crafting.



Strategies for Crafting the Best Possible Item

Crafting the best possible item in Path of Exile requires careful planning and strategy. Here are some strategies to consider when aiming for the highest-quality crafted items:

● Set Clear Goals – Before you start crafting, define your desired outcome. Identify the specific modifiers, stats, and affixes you want on your item. A clear goal will help you focus efforts and make informed decisions during crafting.

● Understand The Meta – Stay updated on the meta and popular build choices. This knowledge can guide your crafting decisions, as certain modifiers or combinations may be more valuable or in demand for specific playstyles.

● Utilize Crafting Methods – Various crafting methods are available, such as using specific currency items, fossils, or essences. Research and experiment with different methods to maximize your chances of obtaining desired modifiers.

● Use Crafting Benches – Take advantage of the crafting benches available in-game. These benches offer crafting options, such as adding or removing specific modifiers, upgrading the item's quality, or rerolling affixes. Understand the bench options and use them strategically to improve your item.



The Crafting Process a Step-by-Step Guide

To use Eldritch Orbs for crafting in Path of Exile, there's an important prerequisite that players must be aware of the item being crafted must have an Eldritch Implicit modifier before Eldritch Orbs can be used on it. The Eldritch Implicit is a special type of modifier that can only be obtained through specific methods, such as using Vaal Orbs on an item.


Crafting with Eldritch Orbs in Path of Exile is a straightforward process that involves a few simple steps. Here's a step-by-step guide to the Eldritch Crafting process:

● Find a magic or rare item high enough to support Eldritch modifiers.

● Obtain an Eldritch Orb - this can be done by farming for them, trading with other players, or purchasing them from vendors.

● Use the Eldritch Orb on the item to add a random Eldritch modifier to the item.

● If unsatisfied with the added modifier, you can use another Eldritch Orb on the item to overwrite the previous modifier with a new one.

● Repeat the previous step until you have the desired modifier(s) on the item.


Choosing the Right Base Item for Eldritch Crafting

Choosing the right base item is crucial for Eldritch Crafting in Path of Exile. The base item determines which modifiers can be added; some items are better than others when crafting.


For example, if you want to add offensive modifiers to your item, such as increased damage or critical strike chance, you'll want to look for base items designed for that purpose. On the other hand, if you want to add defensive modifiers, such as increased maximum life or resistance to elemental damage.


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Using Influence Mods to Maximize Your Crafting Potential

Influence Mods are a powerful tool to help maximize your crafting potential in Path of Exile. Influence Mods are modifiers exclusive to certain items, such as Shaper or Elder. These modifiers can provide unique benefits that are not available through other means.


For example, Shaper items may have modifiers that increase spell damage or provide additional energy shield, while Elder items may have modifiers that increase physical damage or provide life leech. These modifiers can be extremely valuable when creating a specific build or maximizing your character's potential.


How to Use Influence Mods

You'll need to find an item with the appropriate influence to use Influence Mods. This can be done by defeating certain bosses or purchasing items from other players. Once you have an item with the desired influence, you can use your crafting skills to add additional modifiers and enhance the item's power.


Using Influence Mods can be more complicated than other forms of crafting, but the rewards are well worth the effort. With the right combination of modifiers, you can create truly unique items tailored to your character's strengths and weaknesses.


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In this article, we have discussed Eldritch crafting. If you need to learn more Eldritch crafting knowledge, you can go through the guide to learn about it step-by-step.


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