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How to Become a Loyal Fan in Path of Exile

At the beginning of Path of Exile, you may find it is a good game due to the gameplay and content, which make you feel satisfied for a while. However, you could think that something is missing and you could have more fun than you already had. Sharing fun with other players is a big thing when you come to enjoying online games, and there is no exception for PoE. If you desire to become a loyal PoE fan, you should take up some of these suggestions below.

Join Community Forums

It's the first and simplest tip on this list, and I think most online game players should know. The first place to go to is the PoE Official Forum. It has its players and developers who are active on the boards, and they are ready and willing to give updates on the game. Also, there’s online PoE Reddit, which has its players and fans who like talking about PoE.


Trade Path of Exile Items

Not only can you become rich by trading PoE Items in the game, but you can turn yourself into other traders by offering excellent PoE Currency for fair prices. If you are lucky enough, you can get valuable PoE Exalted Orb by trading. Being a player, you can be just a common PoE player but also a pillar of the community in a way. That's not a bad character in-game at all if you think about it.


Find Ways to Contribute Actively

Whether you make your own builds or help players get used to PoE, you can contribute to PoE community in different ways. You can make your own videos to provide more resources to other players. You should remember that if you decide to contribute, make sure that you can do your work well.

Invite Friends and Find Local Groups

If you have friends who are playing other online role-playing games, then you can make them try out PoE. Maybe some of them will get into it and you can organize party play over VOIP (Voice over Internet Phone) or something. You can also take part in local playing groups, which you can find on Facebook or other community sites.


There are many ways to enjoy the happiness of this game. PoE is your whole world, and you can make it better for you and your friends by sharing your experiences, joining the community, and getting more into it. For more PoE News, you should visit MmoGah.com.


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