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How to Avoid Death in Path of Exile

Everybody knows that it is not easy to live longer in Path of Exile, for example, when you encounter a stack of monsters that their levels are higher than you, or you face with a boss and you want to kill him to finish your quest, but you maybe die if you cannot shy away his hitting immediately. The bad news is that your previous hard work and EXP are in vain. You have to go back to start again. How to avoid such frustrating event happening in Path of Exile? Now let talk about this together.


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Common Causes and Solutions

Let’s take a look at a scenario first. You go into Merveil’s lair and you start to fight a bit. Next thing you know, you get hit by a couple of ice bolts and you’re on the ground with resurrection in town button floating over your icy body. There might be a couple factors which made this possible. I will be going over some of the mistakes that are quite common to beginners.


Lack of HP

It is a pretty obvious one, but players often ignore this problem. Players might think that they can dodge all of the bosses’ attacks easily so they don’t need excess HP for protection, but mistakes will happen. That’s why there are potions and resistance stats. When a character lacks of HP, it gives player less time to react to any fatal damage. A lot of deaths will happen during a constant damage in game. There are rare cases where characters die in one shot, but this is usually not the case.



Having more HP, it gives you more time to react to either use dash skills that would move them out of the way, or pop a health potion that counteracts damage. But how to build your HP? Unless you’re in strength parts of the passive skill tree, you may not see many options for life. But if you look at some of these branches of skills closely, the developers are nice enough to leave a couple of life skills along intelligence and dexterity parts. If you cannot find life skill, it is also advisable to grab some energy shields as well.

Lack of Resistance

When it comes to defend against attacks, you have to build up armor. Everyone knows how armor and dodge works, so no need to review those parts too much. The one thing that beginners usually disregard is resistance. Bosses (like Merveil) have something called elemental damage. Since her skills are ice and water base, they are considered ice damage and you would have to build ice resistance to lessen damage from her.



A quick solution to this is to carry a ring specifically for the damage that you will encounter. For example, if you are about to fight Merveil who deals ice element damage, you would get a sapphire ring so that it will dampen the damage taken. More of a long term solution to this should be putting the point in the passive skill tree. This will naturally enhance the resistance, allowing more stacks of that stat or getting ready for any random elemental encounters from rare mobs. It is recommended that you build high resistance, as you will face more elemental damage in the future while your resistance is forced to become negative by game’s difficulty level.


Lack of Level

I cannot imagine lacking levels will be troublesome for beginners, but I think you need to put it out there because it happens to players who want to speed through boring maps. Maps are boring, but it’s important that you get fruit of its work before moving on. When there is a difference in levels between your character and mobs, you are just asking for a bad time.


One good habit is to check your level. The default key is C to bring out your character stat screen and you will see the big white numbers that represent the level. Now match this with the map’s level which is on the top right corner along with the map’s difficulty and location name. If these two numbers are the same, or if your character’s level is higher, you are probably ready for the next map. Practicing this could also help you become more efficient with the experience gain and clear speed so that you can go through the maps even faster.


Normal Potions

You will pick up different kinds of potions as you go through the game. HP and MP potions are obviously the most common. These potions are good for you and they always will be used in the future, and this is why you must pay extra attention to upgrade these whenever possible. HP potions are used after a huge chunk of damage due to reaction and will save you most of the time, but there are times when damages simply overpower regeneration rate of potion.



Make sure you pay attention to magical potions drops and identify them. Some of the effects from potions will save your life.


Unfreezing usually comes in handy whenever you are opening a strongbox or anything of that kind. A lot of the hard boxes will have effect of freezing upon activation, and this is one way of dying quite often during beginner days. When monsters spawn hit hard, you will become a standing target as you have your hands on that box, frozen in place.

When other potion’s regeneration cannot overcome the incoming damage per second, instant healing will come in extremely handy. All it does is to give you a second of break from damage, but in order to get out of situation sometimes that is all you need.


Increasing speed will often use quicksilver flasks. But when you explore map with speed of lightening with that flask, you will often find flask is empty. Running out of a group of angry mobs is the most common way to avoid death, and it’s not something that you can do with an empty bottle of quicksilver flasks. This is why you need HP or MP potions that have effect of increasing speed. It’s likely that you will hit or use mana when you meet a group of mobs, and using this potion will give enough increase in speed to run away.


The last technique is portal use as escape. This can be a solution for any of problems that you encounter as long as you are still living after hard hit. Really it’s simple to use, as you just need to open up portal and come back to refill HP, MP, and potions, then you can recover again and join new battles.


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