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  • How Many Character Builds Do You Know in Path of Exile
    By Leo Jiang2018-01-10 00:00:00

    The key point for players in a game is being able to create countless character builds, you may think that it looks like other action role-playing games wherein you can do the same thing. However, with the development of Path of Exile character progression, you may reconsider the way you see the game and how the developers intend to be.


    Usually, there are two main kinds of players when it refers to character builds - those who follow build guides and players who come up with builds. It looks like the character builds "food chain" wherein builds get passed down from brainchild to other forums or somewhere else, then recycle again and again. But with PoE, it's a bit of difference as the game has been designed not to have a super optimal build at the end, but to allow for more possibilities and creativity, mainly due to the vastness of the passive skill tree.

    One of the misconceptions about character builds is that players can search for a build guide and go with whatever is written to the end game. The thing is that about this particular game, they're seldom demanding strict adherence to what the building creator prescribes. Meanwhile, the thing with build guides and PoE items guide is that they're written for those who already have a good bit of game knowledge that makes them know the ins and outs of the build, so they're not for beginners definitely. It is better to buy poe items from a reliable and high reputation website rather than read the complicated guides.


    PoE is far from a game that needs a "correct" way of playing. While there is an optimal way of playing, there's also a little room to experiment and explore, which are what the game is meant for. You has better not look at build guides at the beginning of PoE adventure and spend the time to learn more about the game and know how everything works. Once you can handle the game well, then you can follow build guides and play around with them.

    Another thing about character builds is that when you complete it in the end game, it's not the end exactly. There will be updates, patches, and new Path of Exile items of all sorts that will mess up with that build, most making it weaker as time goes by. It will still do what it was set out to do, but it may not remain as effective or powerful as it was before. You could be lucky if the opposite were true, but you’ll never know this game.


    Anyway, having a character will always be strong, that isn't really the point here. It's more on getting there really counts in PoE, which is why you'd rather spend more time into planning your adventures than character build. For more poe news, you should visit Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.