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Hiding Places in Path of Exile

A lot of features have been added to Path of Exile, even before The Fall of Oriath expansion came out. Grinding Gear Games keep the game fresh and maintain its free-to-play status, and that certainly doesn't seem like very easy. But with loyal players base have kept coming back for more, they have so much work to do. One of those is the inclusion of Hideouts, which gives each player its own personal town.


Hideouts can get award from level 3 Masters, so if you want to reach this point, you have to get into the content in the Forsaken Masters expansion. Once you have a hideout, you can invite NPCs into it so you have your very own hub that you can decorate and customize, including being able to invite 4 Masters at most. Visiting your hideout is just a matter of typing "/hideout" on your chat while in town or from any waypoint.


It can be your own quest in a way with the amount of things you can do to your hideout. Hideouts can have their own unique look. Each master who can award hideouts has its own hideout and tileset, so you can just talk to the one whose tileset you prefer. You can also switch your hideout to a different one, and there's no penalty or any other drawback in doing so. As for decorations and micro transactions, they are placed in the hideout stash so you can access them without difficulty.

Without mentioning Masters, Hideouts can't be discussed since they all come out in the Forsaken Masters expansion and are intertwined in the game. Masters in your hideout can offer daily missions that provide 250% of the Reputation and Favour of a normal mission, so you may want to do them. They also sell Path of Exile Items, and their inventories refresh upon the start of a daily mission. The higher the Reputation level, the rarer poe items you get to buy. They also sell magic PoE Items with special crafted mods to each Master.


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For making your own stuff, the Masters have crafting benches for you to use. Upon receiving a crafting bench, you don't need the master present to use, which is convenient. Of course, this is dependent on your current Reputation level, the higher it is, the more things you can do and the more Masters you can invite to your hideout.

You can purchase decorations from masters in either your hideout or in towns. You can move and rotate them when editing, so you can have control over how you want your hideout to look. After making it look just right, you can have other players visit your hideout by having them right-click on your name and selecting "Visit Hideout". They can take time to appreciate your efforts in making your hideout reflect how you are as a player.


Above is about poe hiding places, thanks for your reading. If you are interested in more poe news, please visit us.


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