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Happy Sixth Birthday to Path of Exile

Six years ago today, Grinding Gear Games released version 1.0.0 of Path of Exile, which introduced the Scion character class and the second half of Act Three. This event marked the end of a multi-year beta period, and coincided with their official release on Steam. Since then, they have released 17 expansions, and will announce two more including their largest one ever at ExileCon in three weeks.





2014 was one of experimentation, as the first year after Path of Exile's full release. The three expansions launched that year (Sacrifice of the Vaal, Forsaken Masters and the unnamed 1.3.0 PvP/Torment/Bloodlines update) each varied considerably in size and cadence, as they tried to determine the best pattern for future releases.


In 2015, after a beta period, GGG released Path of Exile 2.0.0: The Awakening. This large expansion ushered in a new era of PoE with the introduction of Act Four, Jewels, Lockstep, Item Filters, and more. Later that year, they released the first second-generation league: Talisman.


2016 was a busy year alternating between leagues + expansions and standalone leagues. GGG released Ascendancy (with the Perandus league), Prophecy, Atlas of Worlds (with the Essence league) and Breach. A significant growth in userbase (which would then continue until the present day) started that year.


In many senses, 2017 was a year of true expansion. GGG simultaneously released PoE on Xbox One, launched in China, and released their gigantic 3.0.0 expansion, The Fall of Oriath, which contained six new acts of content after running the popular Legacy league. Then the year was capped off with the War for the Atlas expansion.


In 2018, GGG had an overarching plan to replace the aging Master Mission system at the end of the year, so each of Path of Exile's four releases that year introduced a new NPC with a third-generation league attached. Bestiary's Einhar, Incursion's Alva and Delve's Niko joined Jun and Zana in the new Master roster in the Betrayal expansion.


2019 saw the release of Synthesis, Legion, Blight and soon their end-of-year 3.9.0 expansion, as development on 4.0.0 really ramped up behind the scenes. GGG also released PoE on PS4 and in South Korea.


It has been an exhilarating six years for their team, and they feel the best is yet to come. You can attend ExileCon or tune in to the announcement livestream on November 16th to find out what do 3.9.0 and 4.0.0 hold in store.


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