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Glacial Cascade – All Round Miner Mines Saboteur Build Guide (The Forbidden Sanctum 3.20)

Writing about the latest and greatest from the Grinding Gear Games has always been a pleasure. Things are getting much better and more exciting with the Forbidden Sanctum update in Path of Exile this season. Feel free to learn more about the game and other amazing builds on our PoE page.


Today we will discuss why Glacial Cascade goes amazingly hand in hand with Miners. Furthermore, we'll discuss how with the recent buffs, the Glacial Cascade skill is up there with the best to get you the fastest currency rates.


All Round Miner Mines Saboteur Build Guide pic


Recent Changes in Glacial Cascade Build for Miners

Miner Exiles and Glacial Cascade have always marched together. It was consistently one of the most brutal Boss killers in the PoE until its nerfs in the 3.6 Synthesis League and had been frequently chosen as a League starter. The recent changes in Synthesis League severely nerfed the build, and the meta changed more in favor of arc or ball lightning miners.


The talent is now entirely perfect again, thanks to the 3.12 Heist League's newly discovered improvements, and is probably right there with the other finest miner skills currently available in terms of damage. Additionally, Glacial Cascade Glacial Cascade already had more substantial clear to most other talents before this update, but it now has a broader coverage and faster clear.


Because of this, the build is a feasible construct that performs well in almost every situation.


Even though Glacial Cascade is not a construct that can instantly vaporize a boss, it still completes the task quite rapidly. You receive a reasonably tanky miner setup in exchange that nevertheless completely clears the field at once.


The fact that you have more HP and Evasion rating now means that you hardly ever take any serious damage and that when you do, there is usually enough reduction to survive the impact.



Summary of the Glacial Cascade Mines Saboteur Build Guide

You can get more details about this build online. Here we will help you decide whether this build is for you.


Pros and Cons

Let's look at the Pros and Cons first.



Better boss killing machine

Superb map clear time

Not dependent on unique gear

Best choice for SSF & league-start

Smooth playstyle with better Regen and Suppression Res

Functions without Awakened Gems

Finally, the removal of the detonation timer and sequence



Two clicks are required for each detonation


Map Modifiers

Because you depend so heavily on life regen, running without Regen is exceedingly irritating. You must bring an Enduring Mana Flask to correct your Mana Regen if you insist on going through with it.


Glacial Cascade Build – Playstyle Mechanics and Strength

Because Glacial Cascade Radius / Increased AoE is available in the tree, Glacial Cascade's DMG can effectively be scaled. Because of these technical improvements to the skill, it is once again instrumental in all circumstances.


The design and gameplay mechanics of the build are relatively simple. Simply press the GC and Detonate buttons repeatedly while mapping to watch your surroundings vanish. You utilize your Vaal Grace anytime you encounter dangerous enemies, such as Metamorphs, Abyss, Legions, and other similar creatures, to maximize your character's Deflect and Spell Deflect.


You are receiving Arcane Surge Support from Flame Dash when using Flame Dash. You do greater DMG thanks to the Flame Dash Arcane Surge Support perk. Aside from its tremendous efficiency and DMG mitigation, the build's main strength is that it can typically maintain relative distance. As most things will die distant from you, you don't need to be overly involved in the fighting.


Glacial Cascade Build – Passive Skill Tree, PoB, and Gem Links

This build is efficient at low ranks, which generally indicates that it will get you through Path of Exile's endgame without any problems. All these are optional to advance through the first levels of the game.


To maximize Glacial Cascade DMG, use Blastchain Mines assistance as much as possible! You should acquire no gems with Awakened variants because none of them are used in the build. None of these support gems can compete with any Awakened gem.


Following is the main 6-link combo we recommend you run in this build.

Glacial Cascade

High-Impact Mine Support

Trap and Mine Damage Support

Swift Assembly Support

Inspiration Support

Hypothermia Support


Following are the Auras recommended


Bonechill Support

Summon Skitterbots

Enlighten Support (3)


We are tying buffs to it to enable you to connect an Arcanist Brand to a boss and set it aside. Enjoy the additional bonuses from a single cast!

Cold Bomb (level 1 is good)

Arcanist Brand



Following is the 'Cast when Damage Taken' setup we highly recommend

Cast when Damage Taken Support (level 9)

Enfeeble (level 12)

Immortal Call (level 11)

Increased Duration Support


You should also run a Flame Dash because Arcane Surge greatly enhances spells, and Shield Charges cannot cross voids. This will give you the Arcane Surge benefit, so use it frequently (when approaching a monster, for instance) to build it up! Furthermore, this is when you apply your Vaal Grace, which you should only deploy in challenging circumstances.

Vaal Grace

Flame Dash Flame Dash

Increased Duration Support

Arcane Surge Support Arcane Surge Support


And finally, the utility setup

Summon Stone Golem

Defiance Banner

Vaal Righteous Fire


Ascendancy Breakdown for This Build

Born in the Shadows


Bomb Specialist

Explosive Expert


This ascendancy essentially renders everything around you blind, significantly decreasing the likelihood that you will be struck (especially while leveling). Blind is a highly effective defensive layer, and this ascendancy point strengthens it by reducing your damage taken by 10%, and the  Pyromaniac no longer lowers the cost of your mines. Born in Shadows is a strong starting point for an Ascendancy that is well-rounded, versatile, and powerful.


Once you begin mapping, Pyromaniac becomes immensely overpowered. This build will nearly never receive an outright one-shot because it has such a high maximum Life potential and a lot of Dodge piled on top of that.


Bomb Specialist finishes in third place since your last node needs some equipment to trigger it. This node is a significant DMG X that significantly improves your quality of life. It has some added damage, a wide area of influence, and a lot of mine throwing speed.


Glacial Cascade


Gearing for Glacial Cascade

Head – Crown of the Inward Eye, for armor, shields, and transfiguration options

Amulet – The Pandemonius, for elemental DMG and blind. Blinded enemies are more prone to elemental DMG and, in this case, cold.

Chest – Carcass Jack, for the sweet AoE DMG it provides

Gloves – Incursion Gloves with Cold DMG against Chilled monsters, HP, and Res

Boots – Atziri's Step, for spell DMG suppression and movement speed

Belt – Stygian Vise, excellent for HP and Res

Rings – Vermillion Ring, for again max HP and Res

Weapon – Any Rare will do with +1 to PHY Spells, Extra Chaos elemental DMG, and Spell Crit

Shield – Harmonic Spirit Shield, for HP, Spell Suppression with 2 DMG Mods.



Ending Comments

Passive aggressive play style builds are always fun as you don't have to target anything specific while roaming around, laying down mines and traps. Glacial Cascade Mines build is a great league start and allows you to reach the end game easily. After you are there, you can shift to your preferred build if need be.


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