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Do You Want to Know the Top 3 Least Gear Dependent Builds in PoE

By Leo Jiang2018-01-30

Path of Exile likes its gameplay systems that seek to create and transform the way that ARPGs are made and played as an action role-playing game. Although that's all well, what it does to people who are playing though make them slightly cross-eyed with all the whistles and bells that they may not have seen before. Looking at that passive skill tree, their eyes could grow as big as dishes, so a bit of relaxing is necessary.


The best way to do this is throwing someone into the thick of things and make them learn from trial and error, which is to have a character build not depend on PoE items at all. Even veterans have experience for such builds when they're getting into a new league or competing in a race. They may also play just for fun or experimentation, which is mostly what PoE is about in the first place. Take note that your first character may end up far from perfect, but that's part of the learning process. But if you think following a build will help you learn more about the game, then take one of these three.

Lightning Arrow Ranger

Perhaps this is the easiest build, this makes you attack enemies before they get close to you. Lightning Arrow is a good skill that strikes multiple enemies that are close together, and the damage can be quite devastating when combined with other support gems. You can also have a single target skill to go with it for better effect, but you should use PoE Currency for combining to reach the best effort.


Summoner Witch

This is a little complicated as it's a magic character, but this build is recommended by veteran PoE players due to its immense potential as a farming build. The major function is creating summons, which can be used for both buffering external damage and launching extra damage while you cast more spells to clean enemies.

Ground Slam Marauder

There should be one melee build in the list since there is nothing like attacking enemies close. However, most melee characters require more gear, which is why there aren't lots of melee builds in this particular category. This build requires less high-level gear and can be played due to its offensive capabilities.


These builds can be used for a wide range of uses, like learning the game, farming good poe items for future characters, such as precious exalted orb, and others. When the ideal gear is not available, you can rely on these builds, or you can come up with your own too. The great thing about PoE is that possibilities are everywhere. For more poe news, you should visit Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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