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Do You Need to Buy Pets in Path of Exile

Online MMORPGS seem to have something in common, right, the pet. Having a virtual animal or familiar of sorts by his/her side seems to be universal now in online gaming, Path of Exile is certainly no exception. There are some mounts for those who like to ride into combat, such as ROI. But at least in mounts, they have a purpose of increasing a character's movement speed. What are the advantages of pets, especially in Path of Exile?


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In micro-transaction, PoE does have pets for sale, if you think having one beside your character's is a good idea, you can get one. The one in the ARPG title Torchlight makes your cat or dog take items to town for selling, when the player is deep inside a dungeon. Not exactly realistic, but still a good idea. That doesn't seem the case in Path of Exile.


What do pets mean? Actually, pets are a type of micro-transaction. They do not participate in combat. Although pets don't do anything other than looking cool, that doesn't stop players from buying them since that's the reason why they want them. After all, there's really something to customizing and fine-tuning for the appearance of an in-game character.


In addition to pets, the community has long request that can fight with characters. But the idea of fighting pet seems to be ubiquitous among players. You can't really blame them since that is really cool to have one, but regarding this being in any stage of development, there hasn't been any word.

There's no clear answer to the question of whether pets are worth the money or not. If you don’t like novelty POE items or stuff that has no real practical use, then mostly you don’t like it. However, if you like accessories on your character, then a pet can be a supplement to your character's appearance. For those who are looking for something more, that's all you get from pets appearance and companionship.


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