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Do You Know the Pros and Cons of the PoE Unique Economy

By Leo Jiang2018-01-17

The economy is an important part of action role-playing games as the gameplay is acquiring increasingly better poe items to become stronger and powerful, and buying poe currency has its value. In terms of basics, Path of Exile is no different but in the little details where it is different. It has a barter economy based on currency instead of a central currency like most other action role-playing games. This innovation has its pros and cons to solve the common problems and suffers from being complicated in the meanwhile.


No central currency means preventing problems from inflation, so the value of Path of Exile items remains stable all the time. However, this value is vague to newer and more casual players who have to ask around more and look for references to know something, which can't be seen from a number. They should know what the inherent value of each currency item in a deal.

This system looks like making the old historical bartering system, narrowing down PoE items bartered by trade, and making it mandatory. On the other hand, like Diablo II, the transform from gold to something else as currency occurred in online multiplayer as the gold value hyper-inflated since gold can be acquired from anywhere. Players don’t trade runes since their valuable items that are functional and are less common as they can be used for creating powerful equipment and weapons.


It reflects some resource-based economy that described by futurists probably, wherein the value of the currency isn't factitious but in its true inherent value through its function. Before this, money was supported by the precious commodities like silver and gold, and it worked for a long time. But this system cannot sustain continued growth by both increases in human population and technological innovation, so the eventual but seemingly inevitable removal of the gold standard in economic relevance.


With the development of PoE’s economic system, the poe currency items are valuable and useful, such as poe exalted orbs, having its own inflation-mitigating feature and solving most of the bartering system's problems meanwhile, because it's an action role-playing game that has its own microcosm and rules. If there would be economic recessions in the game, it's due to the weird stuff that the developers don't want to happen.

While for most people, it is vague and confusing, buying PoE items can be lots of fun. Except for knowing the value of the currency items, you have to learn how to read the value indicated for each item, too. You can be familiar with what currency items are the most valuable and which are less worthless. It takes a long time work to figure it out, but it's not impossible. For more poe news, you should visit Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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