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Cyclone PoE Build – Sweep Clean the Maps Sentinel Season – 3.18

The tenacious powerhouse Cyclone made a name for itself in the melee meta game as soon as it was released. Cyclone Slayer build has become the fan-favorite due to the best combinations for crit-based melee builds, thanks to enhanced keystones. The beginner-friendly build makes it more accessible in the end game, even after minor nerfing. Several leagues of laborious build chemistry culminate in a gigantic Cyclone construct. Undoubtedly this build is on the top due to melees build being a strong contender in the recent season of Path of Exile; our Crit-Based Cyclone Slayer can shred any content in a matter of seconds. At MmoGah, you can find great information on other great builds for PoE Sentinel Season.



cyclone slayer



Build Summary



• Absurd harm potential that, given enough money, could theoretically continue to expand indefinitely.

• Build outstanding flash speed on S- Tiers.

• The character of 100 level gets the best surrounding defense.

• + Bosses are killed instantly.

• + Build based on insanely scaleable crit (88 percent Crit Chance in top-tier gear)



• Not a good Cyclone design for new players; being proficient at making money quickly and advancing characters is quite helpful.

• Premium equipment may be pricey, depending on commodity supply and demand.

• Cyclone may be divisive since it requires cautious navigation around potentially lethal foes.



Play style and Build Mechanics

Cyclone skill makes the game a very simple and fun loop, but it still requires some strategy to play. The build mainly focuses on moving your character forward and allowing him to perform the attack in 360 degrees. This means your game character spins the weapon in a circular motion to attack the enemies.


Spinning attacks provide your character an edge in the game because they are rapid attacks to perform. On the other hand, a spinning attack works as DEF when your character is attacked from any other side rather than just the front.


The clear speed while spinning to win is the trademark of this build. It stands on the attributes such as Crit Strike Chance and Multiplier, AS and Movement Speed, Impale Skill, adding all to the Cyclone go-around packs and monsters.



Passive Skill Tree

Realistically speaking, targeting the 99 nodes for the final build isn’t recommended so that you can forgo some of the DMG or HP nodes along the way. Though in the end, it will mostly depend on what stats you may have on the gear. Nonetheless, the following are some aspects that you should consider for this build.


• While most builds recommend taking Rampart early on, we suggest not taking it. It is possible to sustain Rampart of your gear allows you to generate enough Fortification.

• Early on, take the Resolute Technique node for leveling quickly but opt out of it and respect to Critical Strike nodes in the later part of the game.

• Keep the Impale and Jewel sockets for the end-game.

• When needed, you should consider going for supportive Dex and Acc nodes if your build is lacking.



Gems and Jewels

Following are the most important jewels you should consider:


Cyclone Cyclone 6-Link

• Cyclone – Our primary Skill

• Support gem for Awakened Brutality

• Support gem for  Infused Channelling

• Support gem for Awakened Melee PHY DMG

• Support gem for Impale Skill

• Optional  support gem for DMG on Full HP


Leap Slam Leap Slam 4-Link

• Leap Slam – both DMG and an evasion Skill

• Support gem for faster attacks

• Support gem for Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

• You can also use Precision, but it works well only with a high-level Support gem for Enlighten in Aura link

• Preferred Vaal Skill


Auras 4-Link

• Pride

• Herald of Purity gem\

• As mentioned above, Enlighten Support up to level 3\

• Support gem for Maim

• You can also use Phase Run here



Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheon


When choosing Ascendancy, we recommend the following:

• Brutal Fervor

• Headsman

• Bane of Legends

• Overwhelm or Impact

• Impact Skill is the best choice regarding map clearing, and most players go for it to make life easier.

• For bosses, you should go for Overwhelm Skill, which adds more damage to your build while reducing the clear speed.


When it comes to Bandits' rewards, go for the following recommendations:

• Help Alira – When starved for Resistances, use it to build around crit-stacking nature because of the acquired multipliers.

• Stack on mana regeneration as cyclone hogs mana, up to 18 per second due to 9 attacks per second.


Finally, for the Pantheon, consider the following:

Major Gods

• Soul of Solaris is perfect for preventing crit chains against you for a fully upgraded DEF choice.

• For that sweet extra speed, we recommend Soul of Lunaris

Minor Gods

• You should definitely choose Soul of Gruthkul

• For the Uber Elder, go for Soul of Yugul



Gear Summary

Let's quickly summarize the gear section.



• Before going to particular uniques, the following are some crucial mods or attributes you should look into for your uniques:


• Melee DMG


• AS

• Crit Multiplier

• Evasion


• Elemental RES

• HP



Let's go over the recommended unique that are the backbone of this build

• Hypnotic Scalpel Lion Sword – To enhance your DPS, this sword is a must as it adds STR and DEX with a lot of DMG attributes. You can increase the quality and AS by crafting

• Sol Crown Lion Pelt – Increased Max HP, Acc multiplier, and DMG to Elders

• Honor Keep Assassin’s Garb – All round stats with increased Crit Chance

• Dread Band Coral Ring – Max Mana and HP with Elemental RES



Following are the flasks you should aim for providing you with a well-rounded build:

• Flask of Divine Life

• Flask of Diamond

• Flask of Quicksilver

• Flask of Jade

• Flask of Lion's Roar



Leveling and Skill Levelling


As this build is beginner friendly, we recommend the following tips:

• We recommend choosing Ground Slam as your first reward skill early on.

• Add Maim Skill and some fire damage to Ground Slam when you reach level 8.

• Choose Sunder in place of Ground Slam at level 12.

• Keep adding fire and physical damage to your build until 18, plus activating Herald of Purity at 16.

• Replace your skills at level 28 with core skill, Cyclone plus Infused Channeling.


When considering leveling your items, view these critical items:

• Tabula Rasa

• Goldrim

• Lochtonial Caress

• Wanderlust

• Gorebreaker

• Asenath's Mark

• Limbsplit

• Praxis

• Brightbeak

• Edge of Madness

• Brightbeak

• Rigwald’s Charge



Final Note

We love to provide excellent concise, summarized builds for our readers, helping them get PoE currency easily to start great in the new season.


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