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Critical Rain of Arrows Shadow Build in Path of Exile

When players start playing Path of Exile, some of them who have played action role-playing games want to make a character build that will get them start with the game in the best way without any premium Path of Exile Items and equipment to start with. It is a hot topic that is searched for on the Internet often when Path of Exile is concerned.


As there isn't much equipment to go around when starting out in Path of Exile, or any action role-playing game, it is essential to get off on the right foot for beginner-friendly character builds. PoE Currency is necessary for you, especially some Exalted Orbs. Some of these are well-known among the players in the game, such as the Ground Slammer Marauder or the Lightning Arrow Frenzy Ranger.

Due to open-ended nature of the character progression of this game compared to its competitor, they are not the only option available to entry-level players. Here is the Critical Rain of Arrows build for the Shadow, using Rain of Arrows as the main skill and bolstered with increased Critical Strike Chance and grounded with lots of HP with life and mana regen, as well as Eldritch Battery for more capacity to attack.


Increased Critical Strike Chance is used to raise your overall DPS easily, so Rain of Arrows will hit mobs hard. That is right and well, but the build must make sure the character can kill enemies and escape from the onslaught intact to do it again to more enemies. That means you need a large health pool and lots of armors for a balanced build that will make you have both DPS and defense.


This build makes you have 200%+ health and high armor rating for survivability, along with a DPS of over 10,000 damage and good Critical Strike chance. As the base, this is accomplished through Kaom's Heart, and a 6-linked bow with the appropriate gems for offense. Meanwhile, mana issues are handled by crit and mana drainer. Though it’s essential for beginners to be equipped well within reach.

Despite for beginners, the benchmarks are ambitious enough to be viable in the long run for this build. You'll shoot for both offensive and defensive stats as follows, +1600 HP, +600 Armor, +200 Energy Shield, +180 Evasion, and around +150% Resistance to every element.


You may want it socketed with Rain of Arrows, Life Leech, Concentrated Effect, Physical Projectile Attack Damage, Added Fire Damage, and Faster Attack for your 6-linked bow. As for the armor, you may want gems like Cast Damage Taken, Increased Duration, Enhance, Immortal Call, Molten Shell, Enduring Call, Grace, Reduced Mana, and Decoy Totem.


Some stuff go through with this build, which you can find online with other keen Path of Exile players to help you with questions. This build is fun to play and easy to handle, so it's worth to try it. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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