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Can You Show Me Some Reasons for Playing PoE Hardcore

By Leo Jiang2018-01-24

With the new patch of Path of Exile release, due to its innovative design and creation of the best online action RPG for the community, more players have decided to play the game. It splits the players into two main categories, which are those who play Standard and those who play Hardcore. The former is the majority of players, who play for fun and want to experience PoE, and learning from others. The latter may have been playing after the beta and know quite a bit about PoE, and most players are active in the online PoE community. The question is why they play Hardcore instead of Standard with most other players in the game.

Players who are in leagues such as Nemesis and Domination will question those who play Standard. The problem they have with Standard is that skill and game knowledge takes a back seat, and it's more about spending time in leveling up and gathering PoE items, such as valuable PoE exalted orb, but not much else. Instead of being rewarded by taking the right precautions, making the right decisions, playing the right kind of game, and Standard is about brute force without worrying about the death penalty, which is only a bit of experience points in this case. It is most like many other online RPGs that encourage much grinding, mostly without rhyme or reason. That is why playing Hardcore is different from Standard in PoE. So stocking enough PoE currency will benefit for you to play Hardcore in PoE.


The harsher death penalty is the most obvious thing with Hardcore. Constant alertness and lack of motivated for satisfaction are what makes Hardcore the mode to play in PoE as it rewards skill, passion, and knowledge of PoE. In Standard, losing a little experience is like a slap on the wrist. In Hardcore, you can lose gems, loot, and currency like exalted orbs, which is painful after playing several hours indeed. You must stay on top of your game in Hardcore since if you make your attention slip, it will bring heartache when you find yourself in the situation where you are surrounded by enemies, you have no chance to escape, and you have no way of recovering the health of preventing damage.

You have to pay attention to every little detail when you play Hardcore. You must ask yourself before setting off on a map if you can deal with enough projectiles, if you have enough damage, if the number of resistances you have would be enough, etc. You can't just do nothing when you die as it really matters that you stay alive. You can celebrate various things that would not have any significance in Standard, such as a 10% health escape in a tough fight. That feeling of excitement is irreplaceable and is never shown in Standard.


If you want to try the best PoE challenge, then Hardcore is the way. It's not to say that playing Standard is wrong since everyone starts from Standard anyway in order to learn PoE. But if you are looking for a way to enhance yourself, then Hardcore is the best choice. For more poe news, you should visit Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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