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  • Can You Find the Reliable and Effective Marauder Skills Build in PoE
    By Leo Jiang2018-02-12 00:00:00

    If you have been tired of casting spells to eliminate your enemies, or maybe shooting them down from afar, even though relying on your Dodge Rate to wade through enemies in Path of Exile, you can try out this basic Marauder build. There’s nothing more satisfying than assaulting head-on to mobs or enemies and whack them with your PoE Items to oblivion, one certain magic PoE Currency sometimes brings unexpected effect to you, especially the high value Exalted Orb.


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    Skills needed:


    Active Skills

    Mob clearing with Ground Slam

    Mob clearing Sweep, as a second AoE for cool down issues or can function as your alternative AoE

    Boss fights with Heavy Strike

    All Skills above are best coupled with Support Skills that have Life Gain, ups to Fire Damage and Melee Damage


    Keystone Passive Skills

    Resolute Technique for Hit Rate

    Blood Magic for Mana use

    Unwavering Stance to avoid getting Stunned


    Offense Focus

    Maces are recommended, High 2H Physical Damage weapons



    Duelist’s Health Nodes (which are close to Unwavering Stance)

    Templar’s Health Nodes

    Damage Nodes around the Templar’s and Duelist’s area are optional

    Defense Focus

    Endurance Charges for Damage reduction

    - Using the Immortal Call for invulnerability or Discharge for damage dealing

    - Gained with Enduring Cry, Warlord’s Mark

    Grace Aura plus Iron Reflexes can be an alternative to Endurance Charges


    Other Skills

    Enduring Cry – for faster Endurance Charges

    Decoy Totem – for mob clearing

    Rejuvenation Totem – for faster Health Regen

    Amplify – for better Sweep effectiveness and Ground Slam


    As you know, this build does not focus on DPS and Armor, the conventional attributes are focused on by other builds. This build relies on a good weapon deeply, but not necessarily very expensive and Endurance and Life Regen Charge to withstand any hit. The build is beefy and should be easy to handle even if though you spam Blood Magic. For more poe news, you should visit Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.