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Best Starter Toxic Rain Champion Build Guide for Path of Exile: Sentinel

The Sentinel season has just launched in Path of Exile, where these ancient constructs have been uncovered in the mystical and dangerous world of Wraeclast, where you can harness the tremendous power of Sentinels and wreak havoc on the battlefield. The power comes with a cost in this expansion but with a big pool of loot and seven uber boss fights. Without a proper build, the minions of doom will surely consume you, and therefore we bring the Toxic Rain build for the uninitiated best starter build.


Toxic Rain Champion Build 3.18


What is The Season of Sentinels?

In the recent new season, you have a chance to play around with 20 atlas keystone passives, fight seven uber bosses for amazing loot, find and loot new pinnacle unique items, and fight the fight of your lives with all-new revamped monster modifiers with a lot more QoL features and game controller support.


This season is all about collecting the power of the Sentinels in which they follow you around with unique abilities to overcome your foes for a short period but providing a passive bonus with their Sentinel circuit board to customize everything about your Sentinels and how they perform. Assemble and experiment with combining Sentinels with a power core and so much more. Read more about the complete seasonal detail here.



What is the Best Season of Sentinel Build?

Most builds online are slated for veteran players who have been playing PoE for a long time and can start playing the endgame as soon as possible to reap the rewards of calling it a day. Newer and inexperienced players are lost in the game's jargon and the amount of content in the game. This guide will discuss the Toxic Rain Champion build, which is excellent for newcomers to the game with an easy learning curve to take you to the endgame effortlessly. Let's discuss the intricacies of the build and what you need to do correctly to become the best champion.


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Finishing the Campaign

Follow the list of essential checkpoints for the Toxic Rain build when playing the campaign:

- Start the game and choose the duelist class.

- This build is designed to work around the Champion Ascendancy class; remember to choose Champion Ascendancy out of three available for a duelist.

- Keep the tutorial active if you are a new player to learn the ropes of the game.

- Pick only blue and yellow items in the start to upgrade your character and sell what is outdated to the vendors for alteration shards or transmutation shards and stockpile them for later.

- Follow the passive tree for survival and comfort rather than damage. You can adjust for damage later when you are more intune with the game and its world.

- Choose splitting steel as a quest request, replace Double Strike with it, and link it with Chance to Bleed as soon as possible. Also, Quicksilver Flask, Onslaught, Ancestral Protector, Dash, Maim Support, Vitality, Shattering Steel, Blood Rage whenever you can.

- Be on the lookout for a G-G-R item which means 2 Green sockets and one Red socket.

- Finish the “Intruders in Black” quest as soon as possible.

- Get Double Axe and upgrade it as soon as possible.

- Complete Trials of Ascendancy as you go along and are comfortable with doing them.

- Complete important story quests as soon as you can.

- Craft bows to help you level and upgrade for new ones when needed.

- Your endgame bow should be GGGGBR, so in the beginning, if you get a GGR bow or GGGR bow, run along with it and improve when necessary.

- As soon as you have the GGR item, you can finally switch to the Toxic Rain setup.

- You should aim for GGGGB links during the campaign and endgame; read below. The order of the links should be Toxic Rain, Mirage Archer Support, Faster Attacks Support, Void Manipulation Support, and Efficacy Support for your primary skill.



End Game

Now that you are familiar with most things about the build, you need to tweak the endgame damage and survivability to your liking. Let’s discuss what you need to do for the end build to maximize its potential.



The following are essential aspects you need to consider for the endgame tweaking:

- Download different loot filter files and patch them with your Campion for the loot you are looking for, and don't pick up junk that may slow down your progress.

- Scale your damage with Toxic Rain skill, a bow attack skill and best used with Ballista Totem Support Skill as it applies wither to enemies.

- You should find items with Chaos Damage Over Time Multiplier, Chaos Damage Over Time, and Chaos Damage Over Time With Attack Skills increase the percentage as the top priority.

- Get an item with a 6-link as soon as possible for your primary and secondary skills.

- For your primary skill, use GGGGBR, where each link should be Toxic Rain, Vicious Projectile Support, Faster Attacks Support, Void Manipulation Support, Efficacy Support, and Empower Support in this order.

- For your secondary skill, use GRRGBG and in the order of Toxic Rain, Ballista Totem Support, Multiple Totems Support, Withering Touch Support, Efficacy Support, and Focused Ballista Support.

- Increase the level of all your gems to level 20.



After you are done with the basics, the following are some crucial milestones you should consider:

- Focus on the Atlas skill tree.

- Level up all your prime gems for your second weapon set.

- Increase the quality of your flasks as soon as you can.

- Tackle the Eternal Labyrinth as soon as possible, which would be around level 75.

- Find a 6-link bow and body armor.

- Find cluster Jewels.

- Find Viridian Jewels for the best valuable stats.

- Pick the skill Ghost Dance as soon as you can as it gives % gain of maximum life.

- Craft your endgame bow as soon as you can.

- Anoint your decent amulet with at least 4 to 6 valuable modifiers, and then anoint your rings.



Final Notes

This guide is a basic setup to get you acquainted with a few of the most critical things in the game for beginners and new players. While there are many more items and loot you need to sieve through, we recommend the checklist mentioned above and enjoy the rest for maximum fun. When you enjoy the endgame, you can come back for more detailed builds to further tune your gameplay and become a master.


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