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  • Best PoE Starter Builds for Lake of Kalandra
    By abubakarawanb4d2022-08-26 00:00:00

    Path of Exile has been here for quite some time, and its newest area in Kalandra League, named PoE Lake of Kalandra, brings some exciting surprises, nevertheless a lot of new stuff as well. Whether you are new to Path of Exile or someone already an expert in the game, getting your hands on a starter league will help you out and quickly set up your character for the end game.


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    Best PoE Starter Builds for Lake of Kalandra cover


    Best Starter Builds

    Starter Builds are the ones that help you reach the end game quite easily. With a new league starting like Lake of Kalandra, the starter builds get much more fame than usual.


    Honestly, choosing a build to pump the start of the game is quite tough here. There are a lot of factors that are taken into consideration, and then the updates as well, that change the whole thing sometimes.


    To help you out get the most out of PoE Lake of Kalandra, we have here some of the Best PoE Starter Build for Lake of Kalandra. So, without any further delay, let’s start talking about the best starter builds.



    Bone Shatter Slayer Build

    If you are interested in getting your hands on the Best Starter Melee Build for PoE Lake of Kalandra, then there is no going wrong with the Bone Shatter Slayer Build. It is a relatively simple build that allows you to utilize various unique mechanics.


    The whole build revolves around the Bone Shatter, and whenever you use it, that Trauma stacks and causes more damage to the foes. But, the takeaway here is that you also get physical damage.


    Yes, you can lower the damage you gain while maintaining the stacks by stacking up life regen or armor and increasing your Health. For the most part, this build is tanky, and survivability isn’t an issue here.


    With this, you can pair the Slayer Ascendancy that goes well with the Bone Shatter, giving more damage on Area, Life leech sources, and damage bonuses for the great bosses.



    Righteous Fire Inquisitor

    With the introduction to Righteous Fire, it has always been good for leveling up. The Righteous Fire Inquisitor is exactly what you would imagine, a build that revolves around the Righteous Fire.


    The Righteous Fire makes an aura that is basically around you, burning the DPS and yourself in that space. To make this build outshine others, you will have to make the character as fire-resistant as possible. While you also need that life regen to survive your way.


    This PoE Starter Build for Lake of Kalandra is best paired with the Inquisitor Ascendancy, and you don’t have to invest a lot into this build to make it work out, and that is probably why it is a good mapping build.


    For starters who are just getting started with the game, there is no need to worry about survivability or damage because this build has both of them because of survival and damage bonuses.


    The only drawback of this build is its target damage for single enemies. For the boss, you can use the Righteous Fire, but you sure need to pump it way up than before.



    Death Wish Elementalist

    Here we have a minion build, but it isn’t like the typical Necromancers. Rather, it focuses on the skill named Death Wish. This skill is unique to the helmet; Maw of Mischief, and you will need that for this build.


    Depending on the maximum Health of your minions, the Death Wish Skill detonates your minions for AoE damage. For maximum effect, you will have to pair it with the Stone Golems because of how HP-dependent they are.


    After all of this, you will have to put your trust in Elementalist Ascendancy, which will allow you to pick keystones for Golem bonuses. Last but not least, in this build, you also have to consider the ignite DOT because its explosion relies on the ignite DOT.


    In simpler works, this is one of the best multiple enemies PoE Starter Build for Lake of Kalandra, as you can clear mobs effortlessly with your exploding Golems. You just have to get your hands on the helmet, and you are good to go.



    Ice Trap Saboteur

    If you love playing tricks in PoE, then you will surely love the Ice Trap Saboteur Build for Lake of Kalandra. Here, you will be able to put amusing traps for your enemies to activate and then watch them explore, putting the enemies to sleep.


    With the current Lake of Kalandra area in the Kalandra League, you suffer from some hard nerf, but it doesn’t apply to this sole build by the name of Ice Trap Saboteur. While it is also simple and most effective, you get to enjoy the planning here a lot in contrast to the other builds.


    As a starter, you get to enjoy that spell suppression, energy shield, and high level of evasion. The best thing about this build is that your traps freeze enemies, but the drawback here is that you have to make sure your enemies activate them.


    With this build, you also get to enjoy access to some great keystones used for defense, like the Born in the Shadows and the famous Shadow Dance.



    Splitting or Lancing Steel Impale Champion

    If you are looking for a build to simply enjoy, then you can never go wrong with the Splitting or Lancing Steel Impale Champion. Here you have a projectile attack that divides or splits when it impacts and becomes an AoE attack.


    Here, you will be using the most devastating attacks in PoE by the name of Impale, but you also get to enjoy Projectile and damage nodes. With this build, the best class is none other than Champion and has a good status in the defensive builds.


    The only reason it is good with defense is because of its Master of Metal Keystone and Fortify Keystone. Further, you will have an effortless assembly, armor, and quick speed of attack by your side.


    Out of the drawbacks, the most noticeable one is its expensiveness that enhances as you progress. For that, you will have to change the build towards attack from the defense.



    Tornado Shot Deadeye

    Just as the name suggests, this here is a ranged bow-wielding build that revolves around the Tornado Shot. It is a good single target PoE Starter Build for the Lake of Kalandra.


    Unlike the Splitting Steel Impale champion, it doesn’t require wealth, nor isn’t that hard to come by. If you love fast-paced gameplay or build, then this build is exactly for you. With this build, you can also take the path of farming and can do it quite easily.


    On the defense side, your attack range matters the most, and at around level 90, you get to enjoy the most range. On the other side, you will have to adjust the play style accordingly for various situations like burning ground, applying cold, trinity variant, and so on.


    The way this works is that you get to change the build according to your budget and your choice. You can either take the path of cheap items like the Wind ripper or the Devoto’s Devotion. The expansion of this build is completely in your hands, and that is the beauty of it.



    Crackling Lance Elementalist

    Some people simply don’t want to get into all the hassle of casting and expanding the build themselves. For them, here we have a self-caster and quite a simple build by the name of Crackling Lance Elementalist.


    The best spell in this build that you will use is Arc, which must be similar to the Cracking Lance. While most Elementalist Casters are already known for it because of its popularity, your Crackling Lance will also gain a bonus area buff from it.


    There are always changes to Path of Exile, and in case you might be wondering where to have a piece of suitable news on them, you can check out PoE Lake of Kalandra on Reddit.



    Final Verdict

    With the new Kalandra League Lake of Kalandra, there are quite a lot of changes considering some builds are going to get nerfed while some are going to shine in Path of Exile. It is much like a balance factor from the developers trying to nerf the ones that are overpowered, but as we all know, there are surely going to be some builds that will work better. To help you get the most out of the League, we have here this guide on Best PoE Starter Build for Lake of Kalandra. There are various builds, and one of them might be exactly what you need.