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All the Basics You Need to Know About the Skill Tree in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is the most played action RPG game. Path of Exile offers deep character customization and much more. Like other RPG games, Path of Exile consists of a skill tree, but the skill tree in Path of Exile is different than other RPG games.


Path of Exile is a pretty complicated game and overwhelming for many new players. As the skill tree of Path of Exile is different and complicated, we will provide you with a straightforward guide to help you understand and build. 


Every RPG game requires skills and perks to make your character more robust and complete the main quests in the campaign mode. After completing every main quest, the game becomes challenging, and players must accomplish the skills to beat down the foe in-game.


All the Basics You Need to Know About the Skill Tree in Path of Exile


What is the Skill Tree in Path of Exile

The Path of Exile skill tree provides various skills your character can acquire. The difference between other RPG games' skill trees and the Path of Exile skill tree is that in PoE, you are only allowed to unlock the skill related to your character's play style. However, you can unlock all other skills for your character later on.


Acquiring a new skill requires a skill point you can earn by completing certain quests and leveling up your player. All playable classes in Path of Exile have access to the skill network; it is just a matter of time before a character from a particular class will have access to a specific skill.


When you select the class at the beginning of the game, you will have access to a few skills according to the classes. A single skill point in Path of Exile allows the player to allocate a node on the skill tree. 


Skill plays a vital role in the Path of Exile; no matter what, every player must gain skill. Without having skills in Path of Exile, it is impossible to beat the game.


As the skills are accessible by all players, it's a matter of choice which skills you need to start the game depending upon your class. If you are new to Path of Exile or intend to play PoE but don't have an idea about how and where to start or are confused about the giant skill network of PoE, go through this guide, and by the end, all your queries will be explicit. Plan your build in the game with our fantastic guides.



Basics of Skill Tree in Path of Exile

Let's guide you about little in more depth about the PoE skill tree. There are three main stats in Path of Exile:

● Intelligence

● Dexterity 

● Strength 


Each of these stats contributes to your character directly or indirectly because each piece of gear and skill has set requirements; for instance, one skill or gem may require 96 Intelligence, while the other requires 92 intelligence.


Each stat directly affects your character in such ways; in the case of intelligence, you plus one to mana for every two points, while for every five intelligence, you get plus 1% to your energy shield. The following attribute provides accuracy and evasion, while strength provides life and mainly physical damage. To start with a headstart, you need sufficient currency, which is difficult to get early in the game; therefore, come to us for max currency saving.



Main Stats of Skill Tree in Path of Exile 

The skill tree in Path of Exile works on a pattern. The strength nodes can be found in the bottom left. You can also find them periodically scattered throughout the entire tree, similarly for dexterity and intelligence.


● Clusters

Clusters are the circular groups of nodes in the skill tree that share common effects. Suppose a cluster has a dagger inside it. It means this will affect your dagger abilities.


● Milestones

Milestones are likely to change the whole new fighting style for your character. 


● Blood Magic 

Blood magic is used to remove all mana from your character. Blood magic changes the total fighting style of your character.



Path of Exile Skill Tree Planner

As Path of Exile is a pretty challenging game, so they allow the player to customize their character profoundly and allow you to choose a suitable build design for your character.


The key to planning a skill tree for your character is to think in the way you want to play in the Path of Exile. You can also search for a specific skill and learn to see if it fits your playing style.


Once you decide about any skill, hover your mouse over them, and they will start to shine. You can quickly read a description by hovering over to understand the skill better. Learning about skill and their perks will help you to plan your skill according to your fighting style.


If you prefer to play as a ranged character, stick to ranged skills and plan according to which skill you prefer to equip first.



Selecting a Skill According to Your Play Style

The skill tree in Path of Exile is divided into seven starting positions depending on the different classes. The skill tree starts from the middle and goes on.

Scion is the point from where the skill tree starts and is further divided into these major classes.


● Witch

This class is purely based on intelligence, providing players with magical elements. Witch is also known as an unbeatable class.


● Shadow

This class is infamous for its skill type and fighting style. Shadow is based on a hit-and-run combat system.


● Ranger

This class is good to take done your enemies from a distance. Ranger uses a bow that deals with a heavy amount of damage.


● Duelist

Duelist is a hybrid of two different classes' strength and dexterity.


● Marauder

This class is purely based on strength and can take more damage than usual.


● Templar

Templar is the most famous class in PoE. Templar is the hybrid of strength and intelligence.



How to Rest Skill Tree in PoE 

Unfortunately, Path of Exile does not fully allow players to reset their skill tree. The best advice for the new players is that if you are at 20 or 25 level and unhappy with your currently acquired skill so you should start the new game.


There is little chance that developers may offer players to rest their skills completely when the new season is launched. But still, the best way is to make choices after some research.


If you do not want to mess up with your skill points, you can look at guides online or watch YouTube videos on how to use the skill tree efficiently and decide on the best. First, select your class and walk through the skill tree. Once you figure out the skill, see the build of other players. It will help you to make your choices more delicately.




It's a complete guide about the Path of Exile skill tree. If you are a new player wondering which class to start and what skill to start with, this guide will help you.


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