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10 Hardest Bosses in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a top-rated game among many streamers and online gamers, especially who love to stream their game videos on Youtube. Path of Exile is an exciting action RPG game; if you don't have the suitable skills required to play the game, then this game will be very tough for you.


The primary thing that makes Path of Exile unique is that the bosses in the game are very tough to defeat, and without any skill, you can't even think of killing the boss.


Today we will guide you about the bosses you will encounter in the game. If you are interested in learning more about Path of Exile, visit our website for updated information.


Path of Exile Most Difficult Bosses to Defeat

Path of Exile is free to play an action RPG game, and the bosses in Path of Exile are pretty hard to defeat. Here are the top 10 bosses you might like to prepare before appearing in-game. To have the best starting to defeat these bosses, you will need sufficient PoE currency for the best builds.


10 bosses


1. Sirus, Awakener of Worlds

Path of Exile is full of different monsters and unbeatable bosses. The most fearsome boss you will encounter in Path of Exile is Sirus.


If you think you can beat this monster just by the flick of the blade, we are afraid you are pretty much wrong about it. However, defeating this monster requires patience level.


Many players take enough long time to defeat this monster because of their lack of patience. Sirus can teleport off-screen and will try to attack you with his "Die" beam, so be very cautious around it. You also need to keep an eye on speed. Blowing storms will fill the arena and deal massive damage on impact so try your best to avoid them.


2. Uber Elder

In the early age of the game, the Uber Elder was very hard to defeat as he was the final boss in the Path of Exile, but to this day, if you want to test your in-game skill, he is the only one to master.


The Elder is hard to defeat not only because he deals with massive damage but also because his spawning minions make the fight more difficult for you.


To achieve victory upon the Uber Elder, you must have understanding and time management skills. You need to overcome his repeating attacks. Focus on his weak point.


Once you understand his way of fighting, the fight will be fascinating. However, you lost a few battles to understand his fighting mechanics.


3. Aul, The Crystal King

Aul is considered the most badass boss in the Path of Exile. Once you encounter this monster, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to defeat him. You should have a strategy to beat Aul; otherwise, this will be impossible to put him down as you intend to attack Aul; at the same time, you have to save yourself from his freezing attacks and garbage mobs which can kill you on the spot.


One of the most important things is that you should have a powerful weapon against him, which provides you with some extra perks in the fight against the Aul.


4. Omniphobia, Fear Manifest

Omniphobia is the real stuff in Path of Exile, and there's no shame if you are afraid too to counter this monster. Omniphobia is known as a very wise boss in Path of Exile, which means you can't beat this monster playing rouge.


Defeating Omniphobia will require excellent learning skills and management as well. Omniphobia can kill a player just in a blink of an eye with its powerful slam. Although Omniphobia doesn't have flashy moves, its regenerating health and massive damage on impact can make your fight challenging.


5. Bameth, Shifting Darkness

How hard can it be for a player to kill a boss who keeps a distance from you be in an outrange of your attacks but still, he can kill by keeping you in his bow range? A player's only choice at that point is to survive and counter his attacks.


You can not even touch Bameth if you are not playing with strategy. The most deadly skill he has is Vaal Detonate. He can make every corpse near you a ticking bomb. You must avoid his attack; otherwise, he will make the whole map a nuclear bomb and kill you instantly.


6. Uber Atziri

Atziri is also known as the Queen of the Vaal. Atziri is a very dangerous and hard-to-beat boss on the Path of Exile. Atziri can make a clone of herself, making it hard for the player to identify the real one. It can be hard to fall her down but not impossible you have to acquire the right skill set to defeat her.


As Atziri is the most potent attacker as well as defender, beware of her flame blast and avoid yourself from being cooked.


7. The Maven

Maven is a hard-to-fight boss in the Path of Exile. Defeating Maven required an advanced level of skill set. Unfortunately, if you're someone who has not played such types of games, then Maven will seem like a god to you.


Defeating Maven does not require patience, skill, or quick learning; if you're to beat down Maven, you must learn his moves. You need to use her moves against her and remember its patterns.


8. Brutus, Lord Incarcerator

Make yourself comfortable and don't panic; consider yourself lucky because Maven is the only boss you can defeat easily and will not take much of your time. Although Brutus is beaten down, it is still not a piece of cake.


He is the boss in Path of Exile and has some deadly moves that consume more than half of your health. Keep in mind to maintain some distance from him so he cannot grab you by his hook.


Also, keep an eye on the ground for spikes as they can deal massive damage for a short period.


9. Hall Of Grandmasters

Well, by name, you can figure out Hall of Grandmasters is not the name of any monster or boss it is a whole new map, including the hall's entrance with many doorways.


Between each door, there is a hall of 50  grandmasters. So you have to fight with forcefield in a row with waves of 5.


Every wave will have a unique enemy based on high recovery, high avoidance mechanics, high damage reduction, and Immunities. This is not a single boss mode; it is a boss gauntlet and the gamer versus characters that purchased the Grandmaster Supporter Pack.


10. Oshabi, Avatar of the Grove

The most fearsome boss you will encounter in Path of Exile is Oshabi. The boss deals with 2000  damage per second which is relatively higher than any other boss in Path of Exile.


The best you can do to survive the battle is to tackle the incoming attacks. A single attack leads to devastating damage to your player. If you face the Oshabi, you have acquired a high skill set level to beat her down.


Remember that Oshabi is a good defender, so don't make your moves like crazy; you will end up losing the fight.




This is a  list of all fearsome bosses your will encounter in Path of Exile and their unique power you will face, so make sure to have a good strategy and skill set to defeat them.






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