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Large Coupons of Mmogah for Spring Festival Time - Happy Lunar New Year of 2016!

By John Ryan2016-02-01

Spring Festival is the literal name of Chinese Lunar New Year, which is the most significant festival for some Asian countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Philippines. In China, Spring Festival is the longest public holiday which lasts for 7 days. We hold a Site-wide Sales Promotion Event to celebrate the festival during February 1, 2016 – February 25, PST, offering 3 large coupons (up to 10% off) which you can get from answering the 3 questions embedded in the video. All of the questions are about our Spring Festival, which are quite easy as long as you pay your attention, so grasp the chance and find them out now!

I will introduce Spring Festival in various aspects, so are you ready to get knowledge of this Chinese festival with several minutes?

  • How does it come from?

According to tales and legends, the Spring Festival origins from a mythical beast called “Nian”, who will eat the villagers, especially children. So in order to protect themselves, people put food in front of doors at the beginning of every year. They believe that the Nian would not attack people any more after it had eaten the food. One day, a god told people that the Monster Nian was afraid of red color and the firecrackers could frighten it away. So from then on, when the New Year is about to come, people will wear red clothes, hang red lanterns, and hang red couplets, paper-cuts on doors and windows. At the same time, firework has become a tradition for Chinese New Year.

Spring Festival Beast Nian


  • What customs and traditions do we have for this festival?

We worship deities and ancestors in this festival, for the hope of “good fortune”, “wealth”, “happiness”, and “longevity”. We cleanse our house thoroughly to sweep away any ill fortune and stock luxurious food before festival arriving. Spring Festival is time for family reunion dinner annually. The elders usually give children money in red envelops. You can see the details below for our festival customs and traditions.

23rd day of last lunar month

Worship the Kitchen God

24th day of last lunar month

Clean up our house thoroughly

26th-27th of last lunar month

Shop for festival items

Last day of last lunar month (New Year’s Eve)

Paste red couplets and paper-cuts on doors and windows

Family reunion dinner

Watch Spring Festival Gala

Set off fireworks

1st day of first lunar month

Set off firecrackers

Eat dumplings

Visit relatives

2nd day of first lunar month

Worship the Gold of Wealth

Married daughters return home

5th day of first lunar month

Welcome the God of Wealth

15th day of first lunar month (Lantern Festival)

Lantern fair

Guess lantern riddles

Eat rice balls

Chinese Lunar New Year


  • Zodiac Signs for Chinese Lunar New Year

The lunar calendar defines the 12-year repeating cycle of Chinese zodiac and each year is named after an animal. There are 12 zodiac signs in all: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. 2016 Spring Festival is the Year of the Monkey, so the zodiac sign for 2017 is Rooster. So according to the turn, do you know the answer for the last question?

Chinese Zodiac Signs


  • When is Spring Festival and how long will it last?

2016 Spring Festival falls on February 8. The Spring Festival Public Holiday is from Feb.07 to Feb. 13, which lasts for 7 days. Family members reunion to celebrate the festive holiday. Chinese Lunar New Year always lasts to the Lantern Festival.

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