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2023 MmoGah Sitewide Halloween Promotion: Get 8% Off Right Away

By Penny2023-10-24

It’s that time of the year again! Haunting times! Happy Halloween, all game adventurers! Like the years before, we are now having a sitewide promotion during Halloween. Like always, no tricks, just treats!


If there is one thing different, that would be our new website design. Have you experienced our new MmoGah? We launched this new design on Sep 16 this year, and after our adjustment for over a month, we have achieved a significant improvement on PC and Mobile. Compared to old MmoGah, the new site features faster page speed, a user-friendly and modern page design, new technology and styles!


So, on the occasion of Halloween, we invite you to experience and shop on our new site, providing you with an 8% sitewide discount coupon, starting on Oct 24 and ending on Nov 2.


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Unlike the previous design, the new site doesn’t require you to copy and paste the coupon code we give you in the coupon box. You just need to place your order as usual and select the "Halloween 8% Sales" coupon on the payment page before checking out, which is more user-friendly.


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This coupon applies to any services at our site during the promotion event - gold, item, boosting services, with unlimited use times. It can also be used with a member discount to save you more.


As a shop that has run the business for over 15 years, you can enjoy fast delivery speed, fair prices, safe trading, and 24/7 instant help. Don’t miss your opportunity to get cheap in-game gold/items/boosting at MmoGah.


Oh, the frightful night! Oh, the scary night! Come and see our massive, fang-tastic discounts! 

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