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What is the Meaning of MMOGAH

John Ryan July 17th, 2014   


---One thing that all people and places have in common is NAME. Have you ever asked yourself, "What does my name mean?"


'Why your website was named MMOGAH?' Some players asked us and told us that they were so confused why it was named MMOGAH. MMOGAH is a little hard to remember for them, therefore they had forgotten it sometimes when they were searching us to buy game services like FFXIV GIL or FFXIV Power Leveling and so on. Here we'd like to share you something about the meaning of the name, hoping it could help players remember MMOGAH easily.

MmogahMMOGAH can be split into two parts: MMOG and AH. MMOG, as most people know, is short for Massive (Massively)Multiplayer Online Game. It embodies we are serving for MMOG players. While few people understand what AH really represents. Every MMOG player knows Auction House which stays in almost all MMOG and is economy center of game. I think now you know what it is AH, right, it is short for Auction House. We use AH because Auction House is consistent with the original design of MMOGAH. In Auction House, equipment and material can exchange for gold, gold can buy equipment and material. We hope that our site is an Auction House out of game, can supply convenient services to gamers, players VS players, cash VS gold and other services. While due to some disadvantages of Auction House, finally we decided to provide game currency and Power Leveling to players through cash transactions by ourselves. Then MMOGAH was born in 2007.

The goal of MMOGAH is to provide you with the cheap price, fastest delivery and best customer service for all time. 7 years' experience and high reputation of offering MMOG services make MMOGAH.COM definitely be the best choice!

Why thousands of players choose us? One important reason is that MMOGAH always puts customer satisfaction on the top position. And MMOGAH guarantees to offer at least 2 minutes fast delivery for FFXIV GIL, and fast delivery for other game currency. As we have full stock of gils always and supply products with 100% handwork, each FFXIV Gil trade goes fast and smoothly. We also offer security guarantees to make sure your information not be leaked. In other ways, MMOGAH offers customers the best shopping experience by supplying 7/24 and 365 days live help.

We are in the process of building many tools to help make you convenient. We invite you to contribute comments, participate in our forums, or contribute facts and information to our growing community. Your comments and suggestions are very important to us, and we will make improvements based on your feedback

MMOG Auction House, MMOG-AH, MMOGAH. Isn't it much easier for you to remember MMOGAH now?


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