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  • Where to Find the Upgrade Mats for New World Major Combat Trophy
    By Penny2022-01-20 00:00:00

    A few days ago, New World patch 1.2.2 brought us some bug fixes. One of them is that they have fixed an issue causing the Surgeon, Pit Lord Daehi, Baines, and Mordici The Mortician not to drop battle trophy materials. This patch note refers to the Major Combat Trophy upgrade materials - Ancient Mandible, Corrupted Totem, Glowing Sap, and Ephemeral Seal. However, the drop rate was extremely low. So today, Sauce Be Gaming will bring us a guide regarding where you can obtain all of these Trophy mats, as the Major Combat Trophy is going to be important in the upcoming update with the Mutated Expeditions. It is also a good chance to make some newworldcoins selling these mats to people who don't know about this fix or are too lazy to farm them by themselves.


    Ephemeral Seal

    Our first stop is in Ebonscale Reach, at the top of this region in the Skysong Crypt.


    farming spot for Ephemeral Seal


    This is the location of Mordici the Mortician, who drops the Ephemeral Seal, which is used for the Major Lost Combat Trophy upgrade. This guy is probably the easiest on the list to solo.


    Corrupted Totem

    Our next stop is in the middle of Shattered Mountain, in this pit between East and West Illurmin.


    farming spot for Corrupted Totem


    You can set up a camp there in case things go wrong, as this pit has quite a few tendrils and other annoying mobs. This is the location of the Pit Lord who drops the Corrupted Totem, which is used for the Major Corrupted Combat Trophy. There's also a good amount of Orichalcum Vein that you can mine while waiting for respawns.


    Ancient Mandible

    Next, we go to the top left of Reekwater at Skyview Repose. This is the location of the Surgeon who drops the Ancient Mandible. If you struggle to kill him, you can switch to a Hammer weapon with a Topaz Gem.


    farming spot for Ancient Mandible


    Glowing Sap

    Our final stop is an Edengrove near Malevolence, where we find an Angry Earth elite boss named Baines. This is the location to farm Glowing Sap. It is the only boss that I would not recommend trying to solo, as he is much stronger than the others, so you may need to bring a group, but if there are others there farming it as well, you may not need a group anyway.


    farming spot for Glowing Sap


    Hope you can get these artifacts to drop as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to craft a few of these Trophies and put them on the market before the market is eventually flooded with them. If you want to make some new world coin purchases, try MmoGah, and we are so ready to deliver.