• Prepare for the New World January Update – Do Five Things
    By Penny2022-01-12 00:00:00

    New World January Patch is on its way, which is currently being tested on New World PTR Server. And this will bring players a lot of exciting changes, including new Umbral System and Dungeon Mutations. Today, MmoGah, a professional New World Gold shop, will share Flanker’s video regarding five things you need to do before the patch.

    Prepare for the New World January Update – Do Five Things

    1. Expertise Farm

    Why Important


    Gear Downscaling:

    The effectiveness will be reduced to the midpoint of the item's gear score and the Expertise level of that particular slot. Therefore, you won't feel any changes after the patch if you max your Expertise level in advance.


    Umbrella System:

    The second reason to focus on the Expertise farm is a new Umbrella System that will upgrade 600 gear score items to the new cap – 625.

    How to Max It


    Daily Gypsum Tasks

    Do as many tasks as you can, even if your Expertise is already maxed. Firstly, the Expertise cap at the moment is 590, so you will need to reach 600 after the update. Secondly, each Gypsum Cast that you open after reaching 600 Expertise will give you Umbral Shards, which are required for further progress. After the patch, you will need to upgrade 5 armor, 3 jewelry, and at least 2 weapon slots. And you can only obtain 7 Gypsum Orbs every day if you complete all daily tasks, but it requires time. So stockpiling Gypsum Orbs in advance will help you a lot.

    Daily Elite Chests Runs

    It provides a pretty decent chance to get a random Expertise upgrade, so make sure to attend as many early chest runs as you can. It is still something you should focus on even though you are a solo player, as, except the Eternal Pool, all elite zones can be looted without any helper.

    Expeditions & Arenas

    Expeditions are pretty good ways of farming Expertise, but they require time to find a decent group or Tuning Orbs. Arenas are potentially the fastest possible way now to farm Expertise, but only for armor and weapon slots. However, I recommend you focus on them only after completing your daily Gypsum tasks and Elite Chests Runs.

    2. Buy Gear ASAP

    Geared downscaling will apply only to items you buy on Trading Post or directly from other players after the update. So, if your Expertise is not maxed yet, then buy everything you need now, as this gear will not be influenced by downscaling.

    3. Prepare for Mutations

    We all know that the next update will bring us the Expedition Mutations. At this point, players can complete Genesis and Lazarus Expeditions even in average gear, but when it comes to mutations, you won't even stand a chance if you came unprepared, especially in late stages.

    Weapons with Bane Perks

    The first thing that you will need is a weapon with Corrupted Angry Earth or Ancient Bane Perk plus another decent perk such as Enchanted, Keen. You will need a corrupted weapon because Dynasty Expedition will also have a Mutation mode with level 66 mobs. There was no high demand for these weapons, so make sure to buy them before their price increases.

    PvE Armor

    The same approach applies to armor. Buy some PvE armor at the Trading Post while it is still relatively cheap. In my opinion, the best in slot PvE gear should have a Corrupted Angry Earth or Ancient Ward Perk that comes in combination with Resilient perk and Onyxes. You can survive if you have the highest damage absorption because the mobs hit really hard.

    Combat Trophies

    Another thing that will be helpful is having a Combat Trophy in each house that you own. Consider buying basic Trophies as soon as you can as prices are already increasing dramatically on my server.

    Weapons Mastery

    As the mobs will have a resistance to the damage type of your weapon, using a weapon with Bane Perk and Combat Trophies might not be enough for the later stages of Dungeon Mutations, so being able to adjust and switch to another weapon is important, and to do that, make sure that you have many weapons with level 20 mastery.

    Faction Tokens & Corrupted Fragments

    After the January update, except Genesis and Lazarus keys, you might also need to craft a Dynasty key and a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb. Crafting all these Tuning Orbs will need a decent amount of Corrupted Lodestones. In addition to that, you also need to buy chisels in Faction shop for tokens, and it will be possible to buy there and mutate the Tuning Orb 2 for 1000 gold and 10, 000 Faction Tokens. So it will definitely be a good idea to farm Corrupted Fragments and Faction Tokens beforehand.

    4. Spend Winter Tokens

    You can spend your Winter Tokens to buy everything needed. If you don't know what to buy, weapons with Luck Perk and food with attribute bonuses are good options.

    5. Pay Housing Taxes Right Before the Patch

    The chances are high that there is no more discount for housing taxes after the forthcoming patch, so try to pay them as late as you possibly can, but before the update. If you have no intention to pay the full taxes, this will allow you to use the housing functions a little longer.

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