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  • New World: What Do You Need to Prepare In the End Game
    By Jessie2023-06-16 00:00:00

    In the end game in New World, clearer base information is vital for a new player. Because when you understand your way around, you change it like tool alignments. You should get the ones that benefit you. To help new players experience the end game better, I will share a list of must-haves for it! Some ideas come from Reddit.


    New World Endgame Guide



    Completing expeditions requires a group of three to five players, and it's a good way to gear up at the endgame. For this part, these kinds of gear are pretty good.

    ♦Weapons: Bane Perk, which gives more damage to mobs of that type
    ♦Armor: you need 5*Ward Perk, which defends you against that mob type.
    ♦Jewelry: it depends on you. Usually, a survivability and damage combination is good.

    And for mutations, you need to adjust Ward's score according to the difficulty.


    Best 3 House Locations:

    House Location is always up for discussion. Brimstone Sands, Everfall, and Windsward house locations are good choices.

    ♦Brimstone Sands: all endgame runs with the best loot are done in there, and you also need time to teleport there. Tier Recommended: T4

    ♦Everfall is a main trading hub. It's also a place for players to farm materials and a great town buff for crafting. Tier Recommended: T2 or T3

    ♦In PvP, Windsward is another point for resources for crafting. Tier Recommended: T1


    If you are interested in a crafter, Everfall and Windsward are the ones with the best buffs usually to craft Tier 5 items. And each Tier Weekly Upkeep costs a different number of new world coins. Each higher level of the tier costs 5k more. For example, T1 needs to spend 5K, then T2 needs 10k.


    Note: When upgrading territory standing, the "Property Upkeep" card will decrease the number of coins needed to pay for it weekly.


    Best Storage Bag Perks

    Storage is very important in the game. As you get further into New World, you might lack your storage. And Bags not only can help you solve this problem but also you can find some best perks on them. Several best Storage Bag Perks include:

    ♦Luck: it will increase your luck %, and you have a +0.5–2.8% chance at rare items from chests and monsters.

    ♦Lasting Consumption: increases the duration of your food buffs, honing stones, and ward potions.

    ♦Extra Pocket: it will grant a varying boost to your bag's storage capacity.

    ♦Azoth Attuned: when you gain Azoth gain 3–4.8% more.


    And these perks can be influenced by your gear score of the bag you make. You can use higher quality Metals or Cloth (Silk, Azurite Chunk, etc.), have high Armoring skills, and use Armoring bonus gear to get a higher gear score. For example, when your Gear Score is 600, you can get the maximum value of Extra Pockets: 95!


    Best House Trophies

    In this game, you can set up Trophies in your house to receive a global buff. Different Trophies will give you different global buffs. And a house can be set up 5 Trophies together. Major Loot Trophie, Major Corrupted Trophie, Major Ancient Trophie, Gathering Trophie, Crafting Trophie, these five Trophies are recommended.


    Player Vs. Player

    You can choose 5x Resillient's Armor, and you can choose according to your preferences for Weapons and Jewelry.