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New World Skinning Guide 2024

By Jessie2024-03-31

In New World, Skinning is a life skill that allows players to collect raw hides and fur resources from animals. These resources are used in various crafting trade skills such as Armoring, Weaponsmithing, Arcana, and Engineering, and are also essential for the Leatherworking refining trade skill. Many players don't know how to improve their Skinning skills. Below, we bring you quick tips for leveling up Skinning in New World. Let's take a look.

Benefits of Leveling Up Skinning in New World

As adventurers in New World progress, the Skinning skill becomes increasingly vital. Here are the benefits of leveling up Skinning in the game:

  • Access to Higher-Level Animals: As you level up, you can skin higher-level animals, which provide more valuable resources.

  • Increased Gathering Speed: Higher levels allow you to use better Skinning Knives, which increase your gathering speed.

  • Tracking Abilities: You gain the ability to track different types of animals, making it easier to find specific creatures for skinning.

  • Attribute Bonuses: Certain levels of Dexterity provide bonuses such as increased skinning speed, haste after skinning, decreased weight of skinned items, and increased yield from skinning.

  • Economic Benefits: Skinning higher-level animals can yield rare resources that are valuable in the game's economy, either for crafting or selling at Trading Posts for new world gold.

How to Level Up Skinning in New World?

The higher your Skinning level, the more valuable resources you can gather. Here's a detailed guide on how to efficiently level up your Skinning skill:

  • Start with Low-Level Animals: In the early stages, focus on skinning low-level animals like rabbits, turkeys, and boars. These are easier to kill and provide a steady stream of experience points.

  •  Upgrade Your Skinning Knife: As you progress, make sure to craft or acquire higher-tier Skinning Knives. Each upgrade will increase your skinning speed and allow you to skin higher-level creatures.

  • Hunt in Wolf Dens: Wolf Dens are excellent places to level up your Skinning quickly.These locations have a high spawn rate for wolves, providing a constant supply of animals to skin.

  • Move to Larger Game: Once you reach Skinning level 70, start hunting larger animals like alligators and bears. These provide more experience and better resources.

  • Use Proficiency Boosters: Consuming Proficiency Booster potions can increase the amount of resources and experience you gain from skinning.

  • Track Animals: As your Skinning level increases, you'll unlock the ability to track animals. Use this feature to find specific creatures that offer more experience.

  • Skin Everything You Kill: Make it a habit to skin every animal you defeat while questing or exploring. This will maximize your Skinning experience gains.

  • Focus on High-Density Areas: Some areas in the game are known for having a high density of animals. Find these spots and take advantage of the rapid respawn rates to farm experience.

  • Participate in Related Quests: Keep an eye out for quests that involve hunting or skinning animals, as these will provide additional experience towards your Skinning skill.

  • Keep Farming While Questing: Integrate skinning into your questing routine to level up the skill without going out of your way.

Best Location for Efficient Skinning In New World

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For efficient skinning in New World, you can visit the following locations:

  • Wolf Dens in Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windsward, and First Light: These areas are populated with wolves that vary in level depending on the region. You'll find them in forested areas and mountains, and they can be aggressive and fast, making them a good source of skinning experience.

  • Balmy Veldt in Cutlass Keys: Here, you can find Corrupted Hounds, also known as Lushhunt Pointers. These creatures are level 34 and provide almost 400 Skinning XP per hound, making them an excellent choice for leveling up your Skinning skill once you reach level 70.

  • Fury Bay in Windsward: This beach region is a good spot for finding low-level boars near the beach, which are easy to defeat and skin. The area is also known for having a constant spawn of wolves and other animals like rabbits and sheep, which are suitable for players looking to level up their Tracking & Skinning skill.

These locations are popular among players for their efficient leveling opportunities.

Types of Skinning Knifes in New World

For skinning specifically, it's not the weapon but the Skinning Knife that matters. You should always use the highest-tier Skinning Knife you can, as it increases your gathering speed. The tiers range from:

  • Iron Skinning Knife: Gathering speed of 125% and above.

  • Steel Skinning Knife: Higher gathering speed than Iron.

  • Starmetal Skinning Knife: Even faster gathering.

  • Orichalcum Skinning Knife: Significantly increased gathering speed.

  • Mythril Skinning Knife: Top-tier with the fastest gathering speed.

Remember to upgrade your Skinning Knife as you level up to improve your efficiency in skinning animals after you've defeated them.


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