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New World Season 3: The Ultimate Guide to Making Gold Fast and Easy

By Jessie2023-10-19

New World: Rise of the Angry Earth is the first expansion for the MMORPG game New World, which adds new features, content, and challenges to the game. If you are playing the expansion and want to make a lot of New World gold quickly, you may be interested in this ultimate gold-making guide for season 3 of New World. This article will show you how to earn up to 1.2 million gold in a short time, and how to use three different methods to make gold.

Make Gold by Crafting Components

First thing first, as we all know, Weapon Matrix is the best slot gear that every player wants to have. To craft a Weapon Matrix, you need two new crafting components: Enchanted Handle and Tempered Cast. These components are very expensive on the Trading Post, as the Enchanted Handle costs more than 7,000 gold and the Tempered Cast costs almost 9,000 gold each. Therefore, you can make a lot of gold by crafting these components and selling them on the Trading Post.

For example, to craft Tempered Casts, you need to prepare 250 Weaponsmithing. And each Tempered Cast requires two of each of the new Prismatic ingredients, a few Gypsum Orbs, and some Azoth. These materials are not hard to get and are not very costly to craft. Gypsum orbs are free but require some time to collect.

Tempered Cast Recipe

Here is a table that shows the cost of each material that you need to craft one Tempered Cast. You can see that the total cost of approximately 4,000 gold to craft one Tempered Cast. So if you sell 10 Tempered Casts on the Trading Post, the total cost of approximately 40.5k gold.

All Materials Cost Table

Before you sell them, you should first check the current market prices and orders. For example, in the screenshot below, you can see that the lowest sell order for Tempered Casts is about 9,000 gold, and the highest buy order is about 5.6k gold. You can use this information to estimate how much profit you can make based on the current price.

Tempered Cast Price

If you sold the 10 Tempered Casts at the lowest sell order price, you’ll make under 90k gold. Or you can choose to sell your Tempered Casts at the highest buy order price, which is the quick and safe option, and make to 56k gold for 10 Tempered Casts.

In the best-case scenario, you can make a profit of almost 50k gold for 10 Tempered Casts, which is a lot of money. However, this may not last long, as the market prices and orders may change over time. Therefore, you should act fast and sell your Tempered Casts while they are still in high demand. You can also craft more Tempered Casts and sell them in bulk to make even more money. 

Make Gold by Farming Dark Hide 

Dark Hide is a valuable material that can be used to craft high-level leather armor and bags in New World. It can also be sold on the Trading Post for a good price. Currently, one piece of Dark Hide is worth 1.28 gold. If you sell 200 pieces of Dark Hide, you can make 267 gold. Even the buy orders are high, at 1.18 gold per piece. So you can make a quick profit if you farm some Dark Hide.   

Dark Hide Price

Make Gold by doing Elite Chest Runs

Elite Chest Runs are a great way to earn gold in New World, as they can give you some decent bind-on equip items that you can sell to other players. However, many players do not understand the value of some items that they’re picking up. One way to do that is to use the New World Global Trading Post Discord, which is a community of over 7,400 players who trade items in the game. This discord will help you determine the value of these items. 

The New World Global Trading Post Discord has different channels for different types of items, such as armour, weapons, jewellery, consumables, and more. You can also see what other players are selling or looking for and compare the prices and qualities of the items. You can also chat with other players and negotiate the best deals for your items. For example, if you have a light chest that want to sell, you can go to the armor-light channel and post a picture and description of your item. You can also see how often people post their items and what kind of items they post. If someone likes your item, they will send you a direct message and offer you a price. You can then accept or decline their offer or make a counter-offer. You can also scroll up in the channel and see some conversations between players about how they price their items. 

New World Global Trading Post Discord

Sometimes, players will also post their requests for specific items that they want to buy. You can check if you have any of those items and contact them directly. This way, you can save time and find the best buyers for your items. The New World Global Trading Post Discord is a useful tool that can help you make gold by selling your items from Elite Chest Runs. It can also help you learn more about the market and the value of different items in the game.


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