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New World Rabbit's Revenge Event 2024: The Ultimate Rabbit Hunting Guide

By Jessie2024-06-06

The Rabbit's Revenge event has become a beloved tradition in New World, offering players the chance to hunt corrupted rabbits for unique rewards. The Rabbit's Revenge event in New World for 2024 runs from June 4th through June 18th. During this period, players can hunt corrupted rabbits across Aeternum to earn event-specific loot and rewards. This guide will provide you with the best locations to find these elusive creatures and tips to make your hunt as successful as possible.

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Rabbit's Revenge Event Rewards

The Rabbit's Revenge event offers unique rewards that are coveted by many players. These include:

•  Diamond Gypsum (66% Drop Chance): Can be used to craft Gypsum Orbs, which in turn can be crafted into Gypsum Casts for improving gear.

•  Defiled Rabbit’s Foot (80% Drop Chance): A consumable item that increases luck, potentially leading to better loot during the event.

•  Corrupted Rabbit Mask (1.5% Drop Chance): A head skin that is guaranteed after defeating 200 corrupted rabbits.

•  Corruption’s Peak Weapon (1% Drop Chance): A flail that is guaranteed after defeating 300 corrupted rabbits.

•  Corruption’s Barricade Skin (0.5% Drop Chance): An armor skin that is guaranteed after defeating 350 corrupted rabbits.

•  Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare (0.25% Drop Chance): A housing item that is guaranteed after defeating 400 corrupted rabbits.

Since these items are often coveted for their rarity and unique properties, you can trade them with other players for coins, which are the currency in New World, or for other valuable items that you might need.

Best Locations for Rabbit Hunting

Here are the best locations to track down and hunt rabbits:

1. Brightwood

•  Location: The road north from Brightwood Settlement, leading through the Great Cleave and ending at the Tempest Valley Shrine. The forested areas along the path are prime spots where rabbits frequently spawn. You can follow the road and keep an eye out for rabbit movements.

2. Everfall

• Location: The area south from Everfall Settlement, through Starstone Barrows, into Windsward, and ending at the Amrine Shrine. The clearings and edges of the woods are your best bet for finding them. You can utilize the open spaces and longer sightlines to spot and snipe rabbits.

3. Ebonscale Reach

•  Location: The regions immediately southwest and northeast of Ebonscale Reach Settlement. Look for rabbits near water sources and bamboo groves. And this area is less frequented by players, so you can hunt at a more leisurely pace.

Best Weapon for Rabbit Hunting

During Rabbit's Revenge, the Bow and Musket are highly recommended for their ability to quickly and accurately take down small, fast-moving targets like rabbits. Here's why these weapons are effective for rabbit hunting:

Bow: Allows for accurate shots from a distance, which is crucial for hitting small targets like rabbits. And using a bow keeps you at a distance, reducing the chance of startling the rabbits and allowing for multiple attempts if necessary.

Musket: The musket has a longer range than the bow, giving you an advantage in open areas. And a well-placed shot can ensure a one-hit kill, which is efficient for hunting. Different types of cartridges can be used for various situations, such as using cartridges that increase damage or have an area effect.

Rabbit Hunting Tips

•  Luck Gear: Equip gear with luck bonuses to increase the drop rate of rare items from the corrupted rabbits. This will enhance your chances of obtaining event-specific loot.

•  Stealth Approach: Move quietly and use the environment to conceal your approach. Rabbits are skittish and will flee at the slightest disturbance.

•  Efficient Routes: Plan your hunting route to cover areas with known high spawn rates. This will save you time and increase your chances of encountering more rabbits.

•  Group Hunting: While solo hunting is viable, teaming up with other players can make the hunt more efficient. Coordinate with your group to cover more ground and flush out rabbits.


The Rabbit's Revenge event is not only a test of your hunting skills but also a chance to gather exclusive items that are only available during the event. Hope this guide will help you be well on your way to becoming a master rabbit hunter in New World.

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