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New World Invasions: A Comprehensive Guide

By Jessie2024-05-20

 New World is an MMORPG set in a richly detailed, alternative-historic fantasy world. Players embark on a journey as adventurers seeking the secrets of eternal life, promised by the mystical substance known as Azoth. As they navigate this new world, they will encounter diverse landscapes, ancient ruins, and dynamic events that shape their path. One of the most thrilling challenges players face in this vast and dangerous land is the Invasions.

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Understanding Invasions

Invasions are critical PvE events in New World where players defend a fort against the Corrupted, who are intent on destroying player territories. These events are integral to the game's Territorial Control system and occur approximately every four days, requiring players to be vigilant and prepared.

Rewards for Defending Against Invasions

Successfully defending your territory against an invasion yields various rewards:

• Experience Points (XP): Gain a significant amount to aid in leveling up.

• Azoth: Acquire this essential resource for fast travel and crafting.

• Loot: Receive a range of items, including gear and resources. Among the loot, players may also find New World gold, the currency used to trade and purchase items within the game.

• Territory Influence: Maintain control and influence over your territory.

As an added convenience, players are teleported back to their original location after the event, facilitating a seamless transition back to regular activities.

How to Participate in Invasions

• Eligibility: Players must be level 50 or above.

• Sign-Up: Register at the Settlement’s Town Board the day before an invasion.

• Selection: The Governor selects 10 players, with 40 others chosen randomly from the sign-up pool.

Preparing for Battle

• Team Composition: Form a balanced team of tanks, healers, DPS, and support.

• Roles: Assign specific duties like gate defense and siege weapon management.

• Equipment: Gear up with appropriate items and consumables to counter the Corrupted.

During the Invasion

• Communication: Coordinate with your team using voice or text chat.

• Strategy: Adhere to your roles and adapt as needed to the unfolding battle.

• Defense: Protect the fort's gates, operate siege weapons effectively, and fend off the Corrupted.

Tips for a Successful Defense

• Siege Weapons: Learn which siege weapons are most effective, such as ballistas and repeaters.

• Armory Items: Stock up on items like inferno traps and honing stones.

• Stay Updated: Follow the latest patch notes and community discussions for changes to invasion mechanics.


As we conclude this guide on Invasions in New World, remember that these events are more than just battles; they are a testament to the camaraderie and collective effort of the players. Each invasion is an opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow adventurers, to strategize, and to overcome the Corrupted forces threatening the lands of Aeternum.

Whether you emerge victorious or face the challenges of rebuilding, each invasion shapes the story of your journey and the world around you. So gear up, join forces, and prepare to defend your territory with valor. The fate of Aeternum's settlements rests in the hands of its bravest defenders. Good luck, and may your defenses be as unyielding as the spirit of exploration that brought you to these shores.

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