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New World Crafting - Engineering Leveling Guide

Anna December 31st, 2021 New World    New World Coins    New World Coins Help   

Here MmoGah would like to share with you what we consider the best way to level Engineering from level 0 to 200. Let's get into it directly.




What you need to use is the Workshop Station, and the levelling process will be split into 4 phases: from level 0 to 50; 50 to 100; 100 to 150; and 150 to 200.



Phase 1:

For Phase 1, the item that will be crafted is the Gunpowder. To reach level 50, you will need to accumulate 13,350 experience. Since each Gunpowder recipe gives 96 XP, you will need to craft 140 of them, and for that, you will need 140 Saltpeter, 280 Flint and 700 Charcoal, which requires 1400 Green Wood.


New World Engineering Leveling Phase 1


On the gathering part, Green Wood can be found everywhere. For the Saltpeter, one of the best places to get it is on a cave located northwest of Everfall. And for the Flint, you can also collect it everywhere, but I usually grab it when I'm going from Everfall to the Saltpeter cave and back. So, as soon as you finish crafting everything, you should reach level 50.



Phase 2:

For Phase 2, the item we'll be using is the Lacquered Wood Bow. And to reach level 100, you will need another 155,250 experience. Since each Bow gives you 810 XP, you need to create 192 of them. Here is everything you will need.  


New World Engineering Leveling Phase 2



High-Tier Reagents

Looking at these numbers, you may be tempted to keep doing Gunpowder, right? But this is a great example of the power of the high-tier Reagents, which LastOneNW introduced in his previous guides(You can click on the link to learn about this and the content of this article also comes from him). If instead of Coarse Sandpaper, you decide to use the Tier-5 Obsidian Sandpaper, the amount of Greenwood here should drop by at least 50%, so it should look more like this.


New World High-Tier Reagents


But of course, they are also more expensive, so be sure you can either farm or afford that. Anyway, after you craft all the 192 Bows, you should reach level 100 and move to phase 3.



Phase 3:

For Phase 3, the item we'll be using is the Wyrdwood Spear. We switch from the Bows because even though Spear uses a bit of Iron, it requires less Wyrdwood, and the price of Wyrdwood has increased since patch 1.1.1. To reach level 150, you will need another 1,096,200 experience, since each Spear gives you 3192 XP, you will need to craft 344 of them. Here are all the materials you will need.


 New World Engineering Leveling Phase 3


On the gathering side, the only new material here is the Wyrdwood, and since patch 1.1.1, Elemental Wolves are not a good source anymore, so the best areas to find the trees are in Brightwood and Edengrove. So, after you finish crafting all the 344 Wyrdwood Spears, you should be level 150 and be ready to start phase 4.



Phase 4

For Phase 4, we'll keep doing Spears, but now it is the Ironwood Spear. And to reach level 200, you will need to accumulate another 5,607,000 experience. Since each Spear gives you 10,080 XP, you will need to craft 557 of them, and to do that, these are all the materials you will need.


New World Engineering Leveling Phase 4


On the gathering side, the only new material is Ironwood, which can be found in good quantities in high-level areas like Shattered Mountain, and south of Edengrove. So, when you manage to gather and craft all the 557 Ironwood Spears, you should finally reach level 200!




The above content is the levelling method you can try to do, and we hope you enjoyed the guide. Last but not least, you can find that our New World Coins price is pretty low if you compare that of some similar websites. Choosing our website to buy coins will help you save more and get rich quickly. So if you are looking for a reliable website, MmoGah is a good place to go.

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