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New World Coins Making with Adderstone

Anna October 14th, 2021 New World    New World Coins    New World Coins Help   

Today, MmoGah would like to share how to make more New World Coins in New World by setting up an adderstone sliver farm and selling it to make absolute bank.



We're going to be farming at a stone. Now what we need to do for this farm is have a good place for non-stop mine. All the gear you have will increase your chances of getting rare items while mining. I have about 16% on my gear, but you can get much higher than that. Also, Mining Luck Trophy is pretty much required. They're not that expensive, but if you know anybody with 75 furnishings, you can get them to make it for you. And you need to have mining luck increased food. For specifically this guide, I'm assuming that you have Herb-roasted Potatoes unlocked at 17 cooking, and nothing better than that.


New World Requirements


I'm going to explain how to get all the ingredients for these and make them in a second because I don't want you to give up on this farm just because you don't want to make this food. The first thing we need to do is make sure we have Herb-roasted Potatoes.


New World Requirements 2


To make them, you need Honey, which you can get from a Beehive in any town, and butter, which you can get from milking a cow in any town. And you can get potatoes from the farm next to any town, but we're going to use First Light because Cinnamon is right next to the town in First Light, and this makes it easy to do in one area. So what you want to do is farm Herb Bushes around this area in First Light and farm potatoes around this area in First Light.


New World Farming Location


Every potato and cinnamon you get will need you to spend 25 minutes on the farm, so you really don't need to collect that many. Once you've collected all the ingredients, you can make them at a level 4 kitchen.



Now let's get into the farm. You can farm Boulders anywhere, but one of my friends has suggested this amazing place (as shown in the picture below) to do this well so you can just go up in circles over and over again, and it spawns every time you finish the circle. It's just an efficient way, and you can do it anywhere, though, if you really don't want to do it here, but you might just lose out a little bit on efficiency and New World Gold per hour.


New World  Amazing Place to Farm Boulders


This location is about one minute walk from Windsward, and all you do is walk around in circles.

Then take these rocks up here, and then these rocks down here.


New World Rocks Up and Down


Of course, take all the little rocks in between as well. By the time you finish all the rocks, the first ones would have spawned again. If you find yourself finishing the rocks too fast for them to spawn, you may be able to grab more rocks and go down the slope a little bit. If they go wrong, just relog, and they'll spawn back in.


Once you have the sliver of adderstone, do not sell it on the auction house. You should be aware of the auction house prices and what people are selling it for in your server if they're doing it in chat, and sell it in chat instead. In this way, you do not have to pay taxes on the trade, and you're likely to get a higher value instead of flooding the market. From experience, every about four thousand stones, I get one out of stone sliver, and I've been selling them for about 4 to 5K on my server. I understand these prices are different on every server. I've seen my friends' servers have very different prices, so you can earn anywhere between 1 and 10k per hour from these prices. While selling in chat, the maximum amount of time I've had to sit there selling a sliver of adderstone 4 is about one minute. They sell so quickly for so much money, so good luck, and I hope you make as many as you can before other people start flooding the market. If you find these methods helpful, you can follow Silven's channel. Most of the content in this guide also comes from his videos.




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