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New World Build Guide: Odo Crowd Control Tank

By Jessie2024-05-10

Are you annoyed by those pesky enemies in New World? Do you want to show them who's in charge? Then let me introduce you to the Odo Crowd Control Tank. This tank build is designed to keep your enemies stunned or knocked down, which is incredibly useful because a stunned or knocked-down enemy can't deal damage to you or your team. This results in a tanking build that puts you in control. So, what exactly makes the Odo Crowd Control Tank stand out?

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What Makes the Odo Crowd Control Tank Stand Out

We start with Odo. Odo's first unique perk, Odo's Punishment, boosts damage by 20% against stunned or knocked-down foes. This perk is particularly effective as it applies to both weapons, ensuring that the bonus damage is frequently utilized due to the build's array of crowd control abilities.

The second unique perk, Odo's Defense, enhances survivability by healing 5% of base health upon a successful block. This perk, in conjunction with the Lifestealing and Refreshing Move perks, provides a robust defense mechanism, allowing you to withstand the onslaught of enemies.

To further augment the build's capabilities, a gem slot has been incorporated. This slot is essential for embedding a Canan gem, which is pivotal for activating our Terms of Service (ToS). With these perks combined, the Odo Crowd Control Tank build ensures that you remain a dominant force on the battlefield, keeping enemies at bay while bolstering your team's defense.

What Are We Using In This Build

Alongside our flail, we are using a Tower Shield. The shield is equipped with perks such as Shield Defense, Sturdy Energy, Sturdy, and an Elemental Shield Ward that matches the element of the mutation. For our second weapon, we have the Defiled War Hammer of the Soldier, which features perks like Keen, Refreshing Move, and Sundering Clear Out. Notably, Sundering Clear Out is a key perk that inflicts a significant 25% Rend when using the Clear Out ability.

For the armor, we are using a heavy equipment load. For the chest, we have chosen the artifact-heavy chest known as Void Darkplate. The Void Darkplate's unique perk, Dark Reinforce, increases our armour by 20%. It is also equipped with Enchanted and Physical Aversion. For the final perk, we have added Health. As for the remaining armor pieces, we are using Health, Enchanted Ward, and Refreshing.

For the Boots, we are using Health, Refreshing and Crowded Blooding, which gives us five Health, four Enchanted Ward, and four Refreshing. For the amulet, we are using Health and an Element Protection perk that matches the element of the IM mutation we are doing. For the ring, we are using Hearty, Strike Damage, and Leeching, which boosts the damage in both of our weapons. For the earrings, we are using Despised, Healing Heart, and Regenerating.

For the Attributes, we are using Strength and Constitution, evenly split at 300 each. This grants us the key attribute threshold Bringers of grit on attack from 300 con, which was providing good damage from 300 strength.

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For our skills on the flail, we are heavily invested in the Bastion tree:

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For our skills on Warhammer, we are using the following:

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With the use of these skills, five out of the six skills induce some form of crowd control on the enemy. The use of four Refreshing perks on our armor and Refreshing Move on both weapons helps to lower the cooldowns, allowing for more frequent crowd control abilities.

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Pros and Cons

Let's now examine the pros and cons of the build.

The Pros:

• Crowd Control: The main advantage of the build is its exceptional crowd control, which helps manage enemies and reduce their damage output.

• High Survivability: With the use of the Void Darkplate, 300 Constitution, and numerous Fortify buffs from both weapons, this build offers very high survivability.

• Team Damage Mitigation: The build provides significant team damage mitigation, with many skills offering Fortify to allies and crowd control abilities that prevent enemy damage.

The Cons:

• Lower Damage Output: Generally, crowd control abilities result in less damage. Compared to five other tank builds, this one might have a lower damage output due to its focus on control rather than offense.

• No Team Damage Buff: This build does not provide any buffs that increase the team's damage output.

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