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Is New World Still Worth Playing

By Anna2022-01-13

Whether a game is worth playing or not is very subjective, so it is impossible to say definitively whether New World is worth playing or not. Although we've talked about this before, based on our experience playing the game in the past few months and our in-depth understanding of the game, today MmoGah would like to give you a fairer answer.



Supernatural Island

As a general overview of the game, New World is an open-world MMO that's set on the supernatural island of eternal. The game consists of a quest driven storyline which will take you on a journey through visually spectacular and diverse environments. You'll be able to team up with your friends and descend deep into instance expeditions where you'll complete objectives, solve problems and fight a multitude of creatures of varying difficulties. You have the freedom to choose your path and are not bound to any one specific class as all weapons and armor can be used by any player. If you want to use a Great Axe, then grab an Axe. If you want to incinerate your enemies with fire, then so be it. You can combine any weapon you like with any arm you like and play however you want to.



Visually Astounding

This game is probably the most visually astounding MMO I've ever played. There are times I've just run through the game just to see the sights.


New World Sights


Each area is visually different from the last, ranging from golden rolling meadows to eerie ghostly forests. The atmosphere will transition to another seamlessly and the mood will change quickly.  



Value for Money

The game in my currency is 32 pounds 99 pence. I've played over a thousand hours, which means the hourly cost of entertainment is just over three pence per hour. To me, that's getting really good value for money. Honestly, if you want to play this game for a long time, it is very important to make good economic reserves. So many players choose to buy New World Coins online on MmoGah.



Value for Time

When it comes to value for time, I feel like I've got good value there, absolutely, I've always felt like I've had something to aim for, something I've wanted to achieve. I've had enjoyment at every single stage of the game. I'm confident that you'll get good value out of this game.



Satisfying and Impactful PvE

While not without room for improvement, the open-world PvE combat in the game feels satisfying and impactful, which is emphasized by and paired with gorgeous sound design. You'll fight a range of enemy creatures. The most interesting thing of the PvE is corrupted portals.


New World Portals


These portals spawn throughout the world of eternal, spreading their corruption to the surrounding area. It's the responsibility of all players to fight back the Evi. You'll know when you found a corrupted portal, as the environment and atmosphere will change to a sinister deep dark red, where you'll battle against tendrils and portals and waves of corrupted enemies. When defeated corruption dissipates, the land will return to the tranquil picturesque environment it should be. And of course, the victory isn't only a moral one as fighting back this corruption provides you valuable resources that can be used in other exciting areas of the game. If you enjoy instance combat, then there are several expeditions that you can participate in, starting with the marine expedition, which forms part of the main questline. These expeditions provide repeatable and varied content and I find them quite enjoyable.



New World's Present State and Future Potential

New World hasn't been in a bad state since its release, but the game still has a lot to improve on. Not long ago, the patch "Into the Void" was filled with secret changes to New World's core mechanics, like the way players could farm for endgame gear and increase their Watermark and Gear Score. The crafting system was also changed in a way that makes it more difficult to get to level cap with crafting skills, simply because it costs more NW Coins and more materials to do the same thing in more time. These things combined had a negative impact on the community. Amazon also changed the way Motes are obtained last year, and along the patch came with even more nerfs. However, thanks to Amazon that it dealt with the Watermark system in later patches and introduced an Expertise value to determine what level players' gear will be.



The January patch is currently available on the public test realm, and it includes Expedition Mutators, which will bring many changes to PvE players. Amazon seems willing to put more energy and resources into the game and we believe the game will bring us more surprises in the near future. Overall, New World is a great game to play for newcomers and those who have been playing for a while.

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