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Dark Hide Farming Guide in New World

By Jessie2023-10-25

What is Dark Hide

Dark Hide is one of the new materials introduced in the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, which is a rare material that can be obtained from skinning high-level beasts in the New World. It is used for crafting powerful armour and weapons that require a high level of Skinning skill.

Dark Hide

Requirements and Tips

To farm Dark Hide in New World, you need to meet some requirements and follow some tips. Here are the main points:

• You need to have a high level of Skinning skill, at least 20, to be able to skin the beasts that drop Dark Hide.

• You need to have a high level of combat skill, at least 60, to be able to fight the enemies that guard the beasts or roam the areas where they spawn.

• You need to have a good amount of inventory space, as Dark Hide is a heavy material that weighs 0.5 kg per unit.

• You need to have a good weapon and armour, preferably with perks that increase your damage, defense, and gathering speed.

• You need to be aware of your surroundings, as some areas are contested by other players or factions that may attack you while you are farming.

• You need to be patient and persistent, as Dark Hide is a rare material that has a low drop rate. You may need to farm for a long time before you get enough for your crafting needs.

The Best Locations to Farm Dark Hide

Dark Hide is primarily obtained from creatures level 63 and above, and some of the best locations to farm Dark Hide are:

1. Elysian Wilds: This is a new zone that features many level 63 and higher enemies, such as mammoths, lions, and hyenas. You can explore in any direction and find plenty of beasts to skin for Dark Hide. There are also two elite areas within the zone: Dredge Landing and Vanash's Temple. These two areas offer more challenging and rewarding enemies.

Elysian Wilds

● Dredge Landing: At the entrance to Dredge Landing, you'll discover an exceptional spot for Dark Hide farming. Hunt powerful Mammoths, which offer substantial rewards. Start by taking them one by one, and as your gear improves, you can engage multiple at once.

At the entrance to Dredge Landing

● Vanash's Temple: At the end of Dredge Landing, lions roam in abundance. While they may yield less per kill than Mammoths, their high level ensures more valuable loot. You can even skin the named enemy, Vanash, for potential named item drops.

2. Brimstone Sands: This is a desert area at Brimstone Sands that has a lot of lions and hyenas and has become a Dark Hide hotspot. You can start running at the spirit shrine, then head south towards the cave. After clearing the cave, continue northeast, taking out enemies in a second cave. Once you've slain the foes, head out, and venture north to another area filled with lions. This completes your round, and you can repeat it by returning to the first cave where enemies have respawned.

Brimstone Sands

Dark Hide is not an item that can be bought with coins in New World, so players have to obtain it by skinning certain creatures. Hope this article will help you get started with Dark Hide farming. Have fun!

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