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Best New World Gold Farming Guide (2023)

By Jessie2023-08-04

In New World, coins are the main currency players use to buy items, trade with other players, and pay taxes for their territories. Coins are also essential for crafting, repairing, and upgrading equipment. Therefore, making coins is one of the most important goals for many players.


There are many ways to make gold in New World, but some are more efficient and profitable. This article will share some of the best ways to earn gold in New World based on our experience and research.


Best New World Gold Farming Guide 2023


Method 1: Questing

Questing is the most basic and straightforward way to make gold in New World. Quests are tasks that NPCs give you, and they usually involve killing enemies, gathering resources, exploring locations, or delivering items. Quests reward you with gold, experience, and sometimes items or faction tokens.


Questing is a good way to make gold while leveling up your character and learning the game mechanics. However, questing alone is not enough to make a lot of gold in New World, as the rewards are relatively low compared to other methods. Therefore, we recommend that you combine questing with other activities, such as gathering, crafting, or trading.


Method 2: Gathering

Gathering is collecting resources from the environment, such as wood, stone, ore, plants, or animals. Gathering is a very lucrative way to make gold in New World, as resources are always in high demand for crafting and trading. Gathering also helps you level up your trade skills, which can unlock more opportunities to make gold.


To gather effectively, you need to invest in tools like axes, pickaxes, sickles, or skinning knives. You can buy these tools from vendors or craft them yourself. You also need to pay attention to the quality and rarity of the resources you gather, as they affect their value and usefulness. For example, iron ore is more common and less valuable than orichalcum ore, but it is also easier to mine and refine.


Some of the best resources to gather for making gold in New World are:


• Iron ore: Iron ore is one of the most common and useful resources in New World. It is used for crafting weapons, armor, tools, and bullets. Iron ore can be found in almost every region of the game world, especially near mountains and caves. You can sell iron ore directly to other players or refine it into iron ingots for more profit.


• Hemp: Hemp is a plant that can be harvested for fibers. Fibers are used for crafting cloth armor, bags, furniture, and potions. Hemp can be found in grassy areas and forests. You can sell hemp directly to other players or refine it into linen for more profit.


• Rawhide: Rawhide is an animal product that can be skinned from beasts such as wolves, bears, boars, or turkeys. Rawhide is used for crafting leather armor, bags, furniture, and potions. Rawhide can be found in various regions of the game world, especially near forests and plains. You can sell rawhide directly to other players or refine it into coarse leather for more profit.


Method 3: Crafting

Crafting is creating items from resources using trade skills such as weaponsmithing, armoring, engineering, cooking, or alchemy. Crafting is another great way to make gold in New World.


Method 4: Fishing

Fishing also is a profitable source of coins. Your fishing skills will improve as you fish more often, allowing you to catch higher quality and more valuable fish. Here are some fishing tips:


• The better fishing Pole and Bait will increase the chance of catching rare and valuable fish.

• Fish in hotspots will increase your chances of catching high-quality fish.

• Visit secret fishing spots will increase the chance of catching unique and valuable fish species.

• Keep an eye out for treasure chests while fishing, as they can contain valuable items and coins.



These are some of the best methods to make gold in New World, but they are not the only ones. You can also make gold through expeditions, arenas, wars, invasions, corruption breaches, or treasure hunting. The key is to find a method that suits your playstyle, preferences, and goals. We hope this article was helpful and informative. Thank you for reading, and happy gold-making!


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