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MapleStory 2 Official Launch Coming on October 10th

By Delia Woolf2018-10-09


On October 10th, MapleStory 2 will finally launch, free for everyone to play! And while that might be enough for some, Nexon are hitting the Official Launch strong with a massive update, featuring a new Job, new maps to visit, new dungeons to battle and more! Today MmoGah (a professional MapleStory 2 Trade site) will share more details with you MapleStory 2 fans.






The Runeblades of Terrun Calibre are the perfect marriage of melee combat and mystical might. On the hunt, chasing after a traitor to the order, the Runeblade will stop at nothing to take vengeance upon the vile Holstatt and avenge his teacher's heinous murder... but it will take the combination of Pelgian bladecraft and Jibrician rune magic to stop him.



The Runeblade uses a powerful combination of heavy melee attacks and powerful elemental spells that become bolstered with the runes applied to the Runeblade's two-handed sword. Use the Flame Sigil to boost your health and make your Echoing Blade assault burn the opposition, or apply the Frost Sigil and harden your armor along with your weapons, causing the Impact attack to freeze the ground your foes fight on. With attacks and spells that devastate in both the melee and at a distance, Runeblade's an effective fighter against nearly any opposition.


Karkar Island



Official Launch also comes with a brand new zone ripe for exploration! Travel to Karkar Island, a gorgeous resort island where absolutely nothing could possibly be wrong! That is, aside from the swarms of insects, undead monstrosities, vile devils and... belligerent gaming consoles?



Party up with your friends and delve into six new Normal Adventure Dungeons, and when you think you're ready, grab 9 well-armed buddies and venture into the new Labyrinthine Halls Hard Adventure Dungeon. There's plenty you'll have to contend with as you reach for the new level cap of 60! Get more Ability and Skill Points, upgrade your gear and show the forces of darkness that the cute is not to be underestimated!


The Style Crate Arrives!



The Official Launch also launches some spectacular sales and events! The Style Crate makes its grand reveal, containing a vast selection of cosmetic items, ranging from clothing to wings to jewelry and even weapon skins! And there's no games or gimmicks here either: Not only does each item within the Style Crate have the exact same chance of being rewarded, but you can trade the unwanted outfits into coins, which can be used to purchase exclusive outfits!


Official Launch Mapleopoly



Nexon are also launching Mapleopoly for a limited time when the Official Launch arrives! Earn Maple Coins from playing MapleStory 2 and fishing in Tria or Henesys and spend them at the Mapleopoly table! Earn special consumable items or toys with each square you land on, plus each loop around the board will give you additional items, including musical instruments, a special emote, a wealth of mesos and even the special Fluttering Maple Set!



Join us on Wednesday, October 10th as we say hello to MapleStory 2 in style, and make sure you register in the Official Launch Registration Event for the Rustic Mushcabin Name Tag badge, Ducky Rickshaw mount and Roosting Seagull hat!


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