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MapleStory 2: Improvements of Gear Progression

By Delia Woolf2018-11-21


As MapleStory 2 discussed in last week’s blog, they have a few major changes coming in with the new expansion and the new Soul Binder job. The new content will be covered elsewhere, but MS 2 would like to discuss how they are going to take care of two major ongoing discussions within the community - Gear Progression. Today MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking No.1 during searching “MapleStory 2 Mesos” in Google) will share the details with you Maplers.


Gear Progression


As mentioned earlier, they see a few improvement points for Gear Progression, and they are going to be making major changes to support three things:

• Create new ways to collect resources

• Provide more resources for gear enchanting

• Let players focus on getting the required resources faster


Hard Adventure Dungeon

MapleStory 2 are revamping the overall dungeon structure to enable players to choose which gear to farm and also let players enjoy different types of dungeons to diversify overall gameplay.

One of the issues with the current dungeon reward system is that there are too many possible items that can be rewarded from each run. While random item drops are a core part of the MMO genre, being unable to aim for a specific item slot was proving frustrating for those with a final few pieces of equipment they wanted to upgrade. Also, it was forcing players to only play Fire Dragon dungeon which was hurting the overall dungeon experience.

As such, they are adjusting the reward structure for the Hard Adventure Dungeons to help you focus on a specific item slot. Also, they believe this will let players try various different types of dungeons, which will eventually benefit the entire community. Please see the details below:


Dungeon Gear Score Requirements

MapleStory 2 are adjusting the difficulty level for each dungeon and, as such, will be changing the Gear Score requirements. This is similar to the structure used for Chaos Raids:



Dungeon Difficulty

MapleStory 2 believe that, since the BeyondLink Tris and Rune Temple already require more complex strategies and skills compared to the others, they do not need a difficulty increase to reflect their new Gear Score requirements. However, they will be weakening the bosses for The Fire Dragon and Labyrinthine Halls Hard Adventure Dungeons, giving them 10% less health and 25% lower attack.


Reward Structure for the Dungeons

Now players will be able to choose dungeon based on which part of their gear they want to progress. This will enable players to experience different types of dungeons to farm required gear to progress to the Chaos Raids.



Since this will reduce the number of Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals obtained from overall dungeon runs, they are going to compensate for that by adding more Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals to the Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Box. In total, players will be gathering the equivalent amount of resources by running dungeons.

These Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals from the Normal/Hard Adventure Bonus Box will be bound to your character.

As part of the above improvements, however, they will be making Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals that come from dismantling enchanted gear bound to your character. The reason behind this change is to enable us to give out more resources which meso sellers cannot leverage. For example, if they give out character binding Chaos Onyx Crystals, meso sellers will be able to enchant their weapons and dismantle them to obtain tradable Chaos Onyx Crystals, which is limiting us from adding more resources to the game, since it gives easier ways for bots to make mesos and impacts the overall market price for Onyx Crystals and Chaos Onyx Crystals.

With this change in mind, please review the following changes which are also planned.


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