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MapleStory 2 Halloween Events on Oct.18 ~ Nov.8

By Bmichaellogan2018-10-18


Halloween is two weeks away and while MapleStory 2 is only a week old now, MS 2 are celebrating All Hallow's Eve with their very best! The end of October features spooky events and adorably spoopy rewards, including a new story made specifically for the new global service! Today MmoGah (a professional MapleStory 2 Trade site) will share more details with you Maplers.



Mystery of the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel


The Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel is a lovely place to stay. Gorgeous decorations, lush accommodations, barely any ghostly presence... it truly is one of the finest lodgings in Maple World, and you've been invited to a special Halloween gala where there will be absolutely no haunting!



Accept Hotelier Plutino's invitation and learn more about the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel's completely normal and un-grisly history in this special Halloween story with a bevy of special cosmetic rewards!



After completing the story, you'll gain access to a set of limited time daily quests and be able to complete the Stamp Collection event, where you can earn bonus rewards including Pumpkin Coins, a special event-only outfit and the Love Tornado Box, containing your choice of one of three special mounts!



Event Duration: End of Maintenance, Thursday, Oct. 18th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Nov. 8th


Event Details:


•When you log in to MapleStory 2, accept the Murder at Mon Bloody Chouchou quest from the Available Quests menu (the exclamation mark over your portrait).

•Head to Queenstown to enter the Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel

•Speak with Hotelier Plutino to begin the story and uncover what happened in the hotel!

•Completing the story will unlock a pair of Daily Quests

•You can also earn additional prizes through the Stamp Event (available in the World menu), where performing various actions will earn you stamps and work towards an additional set of prizes, including Pumpkin Coins, special Halloween outfits and your choice of three Love Tornado ground mounts!


Stamp Event Menu Location



Pumpkin Coin Shop


The Halloween events we're putting out all have one thing in common: They're a great way to earn Pumpkin Coins! There's a special set of prizes waiting for you if you can gather enough coins, including two spooky decorations for your house, a monstrously adorable mask for you and a fun-sized skeletal horse and card to follow you around as your pet!



Event Duration: End of Maintenance, Thursday, Oct. 18th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Nov. 8th


Event Details:


•Take part in the Mystery of Mon Bloody Chouchou Hotel event and Raising Pumpky event to earn Pumpkin Coins!

•Take those coins to NPC Pumpkini in the Mon Chouchou Hotel Lobby to exchange the coins the following prizes:

     •100x Pumpkin Coins: Halloween Carriage pet

     •65x Pumpkin Coins: Bat Swarm Jack-o'-Lantern Mask outfit item

     •45x Pumpkin Coins: Cute Jack-o'-Lantern furnishing item

     •45x Pumpkin Coins: Jack-o'-Lantern Scarecrow furnishing item

     •5x Pumpkin Coins: Trick or Treater's Grab Bag, which a random item sold by NPC Pumpkini

     •1x Pumpkin Coin: Pumpkin Candy, which restores 1,050 health when used

•Pumpkin Coins and rewards cannot be sold or traded, but can be transferred to other characters on the same account via the in-game bank


Raising Pumpky


There's also an adorable little... bat-pumpkin pet? Well, Pumpky is a growing little monster and the adorable creature needs your help to grow, with Pumpkin Coins and special cosmetics waiting for you!



Event Duration: End of Maintenance, Thursday, Oct. 18th - Start of Maintenance, Thursday, Nov. 8th


Event Details:


•Accept the Pumpky quest to claim the Pumpky Nest furnishing and begin the event! You can find it in the Available Quests menu (the exclamation mark over your portrait)

•Place Pumpky into your house and give it some Pumpkin Pie Feed to help it grow, plus you earn a Pumpkin Coin!

•You gain Pumpkin Pie Feed as you play MapleStory 2:

     •20 minutes logged in: 2x Pumpkin Pie Feed

     •40 minutes logged in: 3x Pumpkin Pie Feed

     •60 minutes logged in: 4x Pumpkin Pie Feed

•You can also play with a friend's Pumpky! You can play with another friend's Pumpky once per day, and up to three other players Pumpkys, to help it grow and earn bonus Pumpkin Pie Feed.

•Players must be at least Level 10 to participate in the event

•Growing Pumpky will reward the following, based on Growth Level and via the "Get Gift" action:

     •Growth Level 300: Bouncing Pumpky Mount

     •Growth Level 500: Little Pumpky Pet

     •Growth Level 700: Perched Pumpky Head Outfit

•Speak to Pumpky once you reach the Growth Level to receive the reward

•Your Pumpky Nest will remain available to use in your house even after the event is complete!


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