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How Wonderful the Sadhu in Tree of Savior

By John Ryan2016-06-22

I’ve always been interested in the Sadhu class. I’ve been playing Sadhu recently in Tree of Savior, even though, the spirit, which gets alienated from its body and can’t move far away from, it can move rather fast within the possible radius. When it gets attacked from the monsters, the body without the spirit becomes more vulnerable and receives greater damages. If you explode the spirit yourself, then strong damages will be dealt on many monsters.


Why choose Sadhu and how it works?

The Astral Projection skill is called Out-of-Body (OoB) and that is why you choose Sadhu. The spirit you project cannot be targeted or hit. In spirit form, the spirit’s normal attacks are based on magic attack power. As with typical magic attacks it cannot miss or crit. You have some skills that can only be cast in spirit form but you can still also cast your other skills. Interestingly your non-spirit spells will be cast by your body still. If you’re low on SP, you can cast OoB and then sit next to a bonfire, your body sitting down will accelerate your HP/SP regeneration and your spirit form can continue attacking things. You must take care that your body doesn’t get hit though, because when your body is hit, your OoB is interrupted and goes back into your body.

how wonderful the sadhu in tree of savior

As you know in order to increase your astral body's range away from your real body OoB needs to be high. As sadhu you are in a sense and a high-range turret obliterating anything that comes within your range, that's why I think the more range you have, the more room for play you have.


Sadhu in tos gains insane attack speed and movement speed during his astral form. But since you are int based, if you just make auto attack and you deal high magic damage per second. You'll melt most enemies within seconds when you specialize in your auto attack damage. I would like to go for cleric 3 sadhu 3 maxing safety zone, divine might, astral body, Prakriti, astral explosion and possession. The evasion boost seems to already be noticeable even without DEX.


The only one problem you have is that you can draw enemy agro easily and just one hit is enough to cancel your astral form. That's why fade and safety zone are great for sadhu. While afaik your body in astral form also gains an evasion bonus in % but your armor drops. Since that's the case, I'm not sure if you couldn't also just build INT+DEX to increase your evasion instead of having to rely on Fade.


If you just want to use the astral body in order to use ranged spells from a safe distance lvl9 might be enough since you get additional range from your spells. But getting safety zone only to lvl5 is a great mistake imo (in my opinion). It's like Kyrie Eleyson from Ragnarok just that it has no drawbacks and it gains +2 extra hits, also it can take before it disappears for every level you invest into.


But lvl5 is better than nothing. I watched one sadhu leveling completely without safety zone. He kept getting interrupted and couldn't do much without playing extremely hectic. It was no big problem during boss fights but against a mob of enemies it was a pain to watch.


If you're going down the Krivis route then Zalciais might not be a bad choice for you but I don't think I have seen anyone using it. Later in the game Archers and Swordsman classes hit for like 2k damage and 10k when they crit (at least if they have a decent build). I think really you don't want the latter to happen.

how wonderful the sadhu in tree of savior

Skills of Sadhu in tree of savior

Out of Body. This is your main skill, project your spirit which you control movement and attacks. Damage is determined by magic attack, it is multi hit (x3). Higher skill levels increase the range you can move away from your body. Pressing the skill after you already cast returns your spirit to your body.


Transmit Prana – A channeled buff which transfers 10 INT per level to someone else.


Astral Body Explosion – AoE Skill can be attributed to knockback (turn this off in PvM, will annoy party members). One of the few skills in game with % damage (250% Damage). High skill levels increase its base damage number.


Possession –Does a lot of damage and stuns. Fast multi-hitting channeled spell, interestingly it is not a spirit skill.


Pakriti –Use movement skill when your body gets threatened or better positioning is available. This skill moves your body to your spirit and ends OoB.


Vashita Siddhi – AoE Debuffs all enemy stats, however this is channelled and drains your SP over time so you will be inactive. You can trait this to confuse monsters to fight each other however (requires level 3) so this can be used for crowd control.


Important Notes – Sadhu OoB can be a little buggy resulting in a lot of rubber banding or things just not loading, when you find your character unusable try mashing OoB on and off or Pakriti to change position. I find doing that helps fix the problem most of the time.


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