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How to Reach Level 60 Fast in Classic WoW Season of Mastery

By Shirley Huang2021-12-02

WoW Classic Season of Mastery is now live, and every player's goal is to reach level 60 as fast as possible. With a bunch of changes introduced to SoM, Blizzard applied a lot of tweaks on leveling to make your character reach level 60 quickly. Today MmoGah, as a trustworthy SoM gold shop, will tell you how to take advantage of these changes and give you some tips, which will make your leveling journey significantly quicker.


Leveling Changes

You have Adventure Awaits buff in this new version, which increases quest experience by 40%, and dungeon & elite quests grant 7% bonus experience.


som level-1


Also, you have Watcher NPCs in both Ironforge and Undercity, which allows you to enable Hardcore mode on your character. If you die with the buff they give you, you'll get a permanent debuff - Tarnished Soul, showing that your character has died. Don't worry, because you can remove this debuff at any point, but obviously, you'll need it to be accepted in any Hardcore guild.


The important factor that affects leveling is no boosting. Significantly less XP is awarded to players who kill a creature while in a group with one or more players who are at a much higher level than the creature that was slain, so this change kills boosting, but a lot of mobs in Stratholme, Maraudon, and Zul'Farrak will be harder to slow down AoE, putting an end to the age-old Mage boosting.


There are some other minor changes. For example, Mining and Herb nodes are more abundant around the world, with the addition of Summoning Stones too.


How to take advantage of these changes to make your leveling faster?


Questing is king now. Maybe you can grind mobs as frequently as possible in WoW Classic, that's no longer the case now, you can reach a max level through doing quests. In fact, you can skip a few quests and still be completely fine, so you can kill mobs as many as possible to complete your quests, then move on. For example, if you pull a mob that you don't need, you can run away from it and just do dungeons that you have quests for, and so on.


Doing Dungeons

Dungeons are definitely awesome to do now, which wasn't the case in Classic WoW, because elite and dungeon quests will give you more XP, but only once if you have all the quests for them. It's worth mentioning that doing dungeons with a full Hardcore group is allowed by the rules, but you're only allowed to do it one time, which is perfect if you want to run a given dungeon, so be sure to make it count and have all the quests for it.


som level-2


Another thing related to dungeons is the existence of Summoning Stones now, which can save your time while doing dungeons. Keep in mind that those Summoning Stones have a level range, so if you and your target fall in the level range of the stones, you can use them or summon someone to use them, but those stones could also be huge for players who don’t intend on doing dungeons.


One tip you can use is to summon yourself. For example, you're stranded in Ashenvale, and you need to go to Stormwind and quickly come back. You can look for someone around leveling, group with them, summon yourself, then head to your capital city quickly, learn your new spell or whatever and accept your own summon back. This will also affect where you place your Hearthstone from now on.


Farming Gold

One downside to having Adventure Awaits buff is that WoW Classic SoM gold is tedious to get while leveling, specifically if you plan on buying your mount at level 40 the moment you unlock it, as that's critical for your leveling speed. When I was leveling through the beta, I made it to level 40 with only 60 Season of Mastery gold. I have applied all the usual leveling etiquette to be able to afford a mount at level 40, but that was definitely not enough because I killed fewer mobs and did fewer quests along the way. Of course, you can do something to remedy that:


You should care about the spells you buy. There are a lot of useless spells for every class. For example, Volley for Hunter is completely useless while leveling, so is Slam for Warriors.


There are a lot of low-level farming spots. For example, you could farm a bunch of mobs in Stranglethorn to get the Green Hills, those are going to be sought throughout SoM as you can turn them in and get a ton of XP.


som level-3


Another awesome spot is the Elemental Earth in Badlands, which is a highly sought-after reagent at level 60, so you should get a lot of it at a low level by farming herbs and ores. Getting your mount at level 40 fast is critical to reaching level 60, but it is undoubtedly a boring process, especially if it is not your first time playing WoW Classic. So instead of leveling by yourself, you can buy Season of Mastery boost to help you level up fast.


Focusing on Professions

Focusing on professions is a good idea while leveling in this new version. I think Mining and Herbalism are really useful to get your mount at level 40. This is definitely worth playing, grab one or two professions, gather anything you see around and stay on top of that profession to make sure it’s high enough before you move to the next zone.


I also recommend Enchanting. Generally speaking, Disenchant is a spell that allows players to transform gear of any level (at least uncommon quality) into various dust, essences, and crystals, which will yield more SoM gold or silver.


som level-4


When you get a new piece of armor at any point, instead of selling your old one to a vendor, you could get more gold or silver by disenchanting it. The big pro tied to Enchanting is that you never need to level it, you can disenchant any piece of armor with as low as 1 Enchanting, even a level 60 one, so consider this profession.


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