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How to Level Up Fast in Tree of Savior

By John Ryan2016-04-21


Recently more and more people pay attention to the new MMORPG which is Tree of Savior, and some people are eager to know how to play and how to fast level up in TOS. According to the requirement of tree of savior players, I would like to share some experience with you and also would like to communicate with each other.


Very Important notes you should know:

1. There are large number of game quests that you need to do because you’re rewarded with EXP cards.

2. Make sure all the quests and maps you do can match with your level.

3. Remember to go back and forth between Klaipeda and Orsha regions, and make sure don’t do any of the maps tasks above your levels.

4. In my honest opinion, it is better to stay at the very least 10 levels. Preferably try to stay within 5 levels if you can.

5. Don’t forget this. When you start to fall behind from the map’s level, then use some EXP cards to catch up immediately.

6. No need to save EXP cards if you don’t want to do that. When you don’t need to use them, it is just better to save them. Once Some player didn’t do much grinding at all and got to level 200.

7. Make sure you also join party match (2nd option when talking to dungeon tower) when doing dungeon runs. After this you will gain additional bonus EXP from party matching.

8. You need to explore all the maps to 100% as Lena/Rena in Klaipeda gives you EXP cards depending on which map you explore. You also gain EXP cards from killing an amount of unknown monsters.

how to level up fast in tree of savior

Level 1~15

From Lv1 to 7, killing the mobs go by them and doing the quests. From Lv7 to 15 just follow along the main story quests line and make sure talk to every NPC to do all the side quests possibly. Also killing mobs when you move. It should be noted that it can save EXP scrolls.


Next do all the maps up to Miner’s Village from the Klaipeda region. Both Job and Class will make advancement accordingly. Then go to Orsha and do all the maps tasks up to your current level.


Level 15~50

From Lv15-28 do Miners Village repeatedly and grind on all the Klaipeda. From Lv28-30, catch up on main story and side quests.


Normally you can start Klaipeda and quested until level 35. When you finish all quests, you can do Orsha's main quest chain. You can get to Orsha by buying a warp scroll from the market or by joining Party Info nearby and using the party warp until you get to Orsha.


If you start at Klaipeda, you could start heading over to Orsha after you finish Tenet Garden. You can skip straight to Lv 29 map area in Orsha to begin the story quest there. If you start at Orsha and try to skip some maps in Klaipeda, you can’t do the same again. You’ll have to start the main quests from the very beginning if you switch over to Klaipeda after starting in Orsha.


Once you fall behind, remember to use the Lv 1~2 EXP cards. You should use all Lv 1~2 cards by Lv 50. If needed, you can use some Lv 3 EXP cards. At Lv 46 an EXP reset will come. If you want to you could save some Lv 3 EXP cards by grinding. I suggest this in case you might not find a party for Lv 50 dungeon.


Lv30-50, if you were one of the first people to get to Tenet Gardens, it was completely empty, however it was such a good grinding spot for leveling up until you hit Lv50 for hours. It should be noted that you can move into the Chapel to grind too, however you can choose to stay outside because there are more tree of savior silver. You need to walk 3 maps from north of Orsha to Jungle area and achieve the main quest. You can quest here until you finish the castle at around lv 50.


Level 50~60

Lv50-60, At this point I suggest you start to use scrolls because this is a fairly large dead zone, catch up on all your quests and progress into the lv60 range. Veja Ravine is a good spot for grinding also. You can go back to Klaipeda and finish the Tenet Chapel and Kvilas Forest quest lines. Don’t forget to do the gateway of the great king quest line until reach the Akmens ridge, then go back to Orsha.


Lv58, At this point don’t try to grind because you will have a new section of zones after the next three, just get the quests done as quickly as you can and mov questline and make sure you explore the map 100% and talk to every NPC. As always follow along the main you encounter and to pick up all side quests.


Level 60~90

Do the Lv 50 dungeon and do all the maps from Klaipeda and Orsha, for Lv65-75, Starting from Lerolis Springs (2 maps away from the castle), as soon as you hit 70, continue the quest chain all the way to Tiltas and then head into the Mausoleum Worker’s Lodge – you’ll be here for a while. Also note that the boss in Storage Room field here drops an amazing legendary hammer.


If you fall behind, use Lv 3 EXP cards. You should use all Lv3 cards by Lv90. Use some Lv4 EXP cards if needed. Lv75-90 (Klaipeda/Gytis), you will hit an EXP reset at Lv86. You can go back to Akmens ridge and quest until reach Masoleum 1F, then you can do the Gytis settlement quest line through Tenants Farm all the way.


Level 90~100

Lv90-100(Klaipeda/Orsha), Do the Lv90 dungeon (You may found it in Zachariel Crossroads).Go to Tenants Farm and do the Repeatable Quest for Albina (at the bottom left of the map), it’s really a timed quest, you just start it simply and let the timer expire and then start it again.


After finishing royal mausoleum and then go back to Orsha’s level 80 zone. Do the whole path with zone level from Lv84-100. The final boss in the level of 100 area is probably the hardest quest boss that you may find so far. This zone leads to Fedimian.


Level 100

Now you can do the Lv100 mission dungeons, party quest, and daily repeatable! Make sure to do these every day when it is possible. The Lvl 100 mission dungeons are different from the other dungeons, so feel free to do all 5 runs every day from both kinds of dungeons.


For the Lv100 mission dungeons, party and daily quest are found in Fedimian inside the post room on the left side of town. Do the level (90, 115, 130, 145, 175, and 190) dungeons first before the mission dungeons. Everyone does the Siaulai mission. It’s short and has 4 bosses.


Level 100~115

Lv100-105 (Orsha), go back to Orsha's level 80 zone and finish the path below. Trade Route-> 82 Feretory Hills -> 85 Mochia Foresin ->88-> Sutatis-> 103 Galeed Pla ->106 Fasika Plateau -> 110 Manahas -> 113 Genra Fieldt.


Lv105-115 (Klaipeda), 96 Stele Road -> 99 Goddess Ancient Garden -> 103 Escanciu Village -> 107 Fedimian Suburbs. If you think you might have trouble with Mage Tower, get the Riena cloth set (MDEF) from the quests here. If you fall behind, use Lv4 EXP cards. You should use all Lv4 cards by Lv115. Use some Lv5 EXP cards if needed.


Level 115~130

Do all the maps from Fedimian. Then do the Lv115 dungeon (You can find in Fedimian Suburbs).Finally do the Lv100 mission dungeons. If you fall behind, use Lv5 EXP cards. You should use all Lv5 cards by Lv130, and also you should use some Lv6 EXP cards if needed.


Level 130~145

Do the Lvl 130 dungeon (Found in Forest of Prayers), and then do the Lvl 100 mission dungeons. If you fall behind, use Lv6 EXP cards. You should use all Lv6 cards by Lv145. DO NOT USE LV 7~8 CARDS YET. You will hit an EXP reset at Lvl 136.


If you do a few dungeons then you might already be level 130. If you are still a bit short you have to do the main quest chain at the cathedral. Some players choose not to do the side quests after the Main Chamber (level 137) because the main quest line is easy and they can get enough exp cards to get to level 130.


Level 145~160

First do the Lvl 145 dungeon (You can find in Forest of Prayers), and then do the Lv100 mission dungeons. Do all the maps from Fedimian. DO NOT USE LVL 7~8 CARDS YET. Grind until you reach to Lv160~165 range.


Level 160~175

You can choose to use your EXP cards anywhere from 160~165 (I suggest you can use them at 162). Use all of your Lv7 EXP cards and do all the maps from Fedimian. Use many of your Lv8 EXP cards until you reach to Lv175.


Why we need to do this because the Lv160 dungeon sucks and doesn’t give good enough exp. Also there’s no other good grinding spots except Dina Bee Farm. If you don’t have any cards left Lv170~175 is a pain in the ass, since Bee Farm will give you less exp for being 10+ levels above the monsters.


You could grind at Bee Farm if you don’t want to save your cards, but I think it’s better to make the Lv145 dungeon as much as possible. You should also grind right away so you can start gaining some silver for better equips.


Level 175~190

After you past that annoying wall, welcome you to another wall of grinding! Do all the maps from Fedimian. So do the Lv175 dungeon (Found in Nuoridin Fall), and do the Lv100 mission dungeons.


You need to use all of your Lv8 EXP cards. Meanwhile use some Lv9 EXP cards if needed. Your goal is to reach 186 of the EXP reset. Once you hit that, you will fly to Lv190 easily.


Level 190~217

Do the Lv190 dungeon (Found in Fedimian Suburbs), and do the Lv100 mission dungeons. You should use all your Lv9 EXP cards by 217. You could also use all your Lv9 EXP cards and Lv10 EXP cards at Lv203 and reach to Lv217.


Level 217~240

Do the Lv217 dungeon (Found in Inner Enceinte District), and do the Lv100 mission dungeons. Do all the quests that are slowly being added in the game. The Latest map with quests ends at Lv232 map. You should use all your Lv10 EXP cards by 240. You should try to save some Lv11 EXP cards because there aren't many grind spots past this point.


Level 240~

Do the Lv240 dungeon (Found in Inner Enceinte District), and Do the Lv100 mission dungeons. Do all the quests that are slowly being added in the game. You should use Lv11 EXP cards at 250 or higher.


It will take all the players lots of efforts and willpower to level fast in grind-heavy MMORPG. Now Tree of Savior has 280 levels in the international version. Every player wants to level up fast, but not all the players have enough time, Mmogah who has professional Tree of Savior Power Leveling experience and pure handwork team, provides the service to you.


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