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How to Farm Silver Fast In Tree of Savior

By John Ryan2016-04-13


As every player knows that the silver plays an important role in the tree of savior game, due to character progression highly depends on the amount of silver coins, and as you know if you want to level up your equipment which only depends on the drops from loot or crafted through recipes, it will require a lot of silver, so do you know how to farm silver easily in the game playing? Where you can get the silver easily? The following article will give you the full information about it. There are several ways for you to farm the tree of savior silver easily, and hope it can help you to get more and more silver. 


farm silver fast in tree of savior


Kill Monsters and sell loots to NPC or Market, whichever pays you higher. During the time of killing in the certain place, you can get some dropped items, which can be sold in a higher price. Glizardons in Chapel B1 will sometimes drop a Silver Bar, which can sell for 30k at the NPC shops. One player spent a couple hours in leveling up and got 4 bars. If you past level 50, go and do the Chapel dungeon with a group, as the boss can drop a Gold Bar worth 50k.


In fact there are two main farming areas in Miner’s Village: One to the west of the map and another to the east of the map. The specificity about these areas is that they have a sort of mini-boss, usually the Large Red Kepa has a large number of regular monsters known as the Red Kepa and another has a high drop rate for certain pieces of equipment.


Luckily, there are a lot of areas in the game where you can farm mobs for silver coins, and level up your equipment from drops, One of the best farming areas, especially for players in the level of 20-40 is Miner’s Village.


You can place everything on the auction house and the minimum price for stuff is worth 500k. So do not care whether the loots is lv l or even higher. As the mob loot increases one level will be added 500k more (for the level 60 mats, one player can be sell it for 1,500K). In Tomb of the Guards, the mushrooms drop colossus that sell for 10k in the market. The candle spiders drop colossus recipe, archers drop blue gems which also can be sold in the market or auction house.


Your character will be able to earn 15,000-20,000 silver coins easily in half an hour when you get closer to level 30. Also you can even take less time if this area has a lot of bots when farming in the Large Red Kepa, as sometimes players don’t pick up their loots, which is available for you to pick up after some time.


Doing the Quests where you fight Gesti and farm the mobs in this room. It has an insane mob density and a very high experienced drop rate. Some of the mobs are pretty tenacious, and you can shot dex barbarian five at a time. After farming 30 minutes there and completing the quests, you can make around 30-35k in vendor items. Since higher level mobs give more expensive items. I recommend you to level at zones with the same level monsters, it has more silver efficient than going to kill higher level monsters.


Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Hope the above tips can help you to get the silver easily, if you feel it is hard for yourself to farm, you can choose our website Mmogah to buy the tree of savior silver, and also we provide tree of savior power leveling service, you will get the best service and cheap price here.


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