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Why Does Guild Wars 2 (GW2) Become More and More Popular?

Cathy Deng March 03rd, 2017 Guild Wars 2    MmoGah News

Nowadays, there are increasing MMORPGs in the gaming market which provide a dazzled online world for game fans. And the gamers who play Guild Wars 2 make up a large proportion of them. So why can GW2 become more and more popular and can attract so many players? MmoGah.com will list the detailed reasons in the following parts about this.


1. A Wide Range of Races and Professions

It has been introduced 5 new playable races in Guild Wars 2. There are: Asura, Charr, Human, Norn, and Sylvari. The racial skills are the main points to differentiate races. Every race has unique choices to create the character who has background story for that character. And all the changes will affect the story which the character experiences. In the midst of five races, there are nine professions: Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Guardian, Thief, Engineer, Mesmer and Revenant. Additionally, different professions have access to different weapons and skills. Similarly, professions are not bounded by race so it gives players more space to enjoy it.


2. Game-play and Freedom

The Guild Wars 2 can bring the gamers new things, interesting contents also surprising experience. GW2 can also provide players with action-oriented combat, dynamic event, world-class PVP. What’s more, Guild Wars 2 has no subscription fees! By playing gw2, the players can relax themselves and relieve the pressure. Because they can act themselves and depend all their actions with no fixed mission. Additionally, Guild Wars 2 employs persistent environment more extensively than Guild War.

All in all, Guild Wars 2 can provide stories which are both personally meaningful and epic, and can service for thousands of gamers within the same interactive world through different kinds of races.


3. Easy Purchase for Guild Wars 2 Gold

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