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The Improvements That MmoGah.com Made on GW2 Gold Selling

John Ryan April 20th, 2016 Guild Wars 2    MmoGah News

As a professional old brand site selling gold and power leveling of MMORPG games, MmoGah.com is progressing without any stop. Even now, there are small issues coming out occasionally, but they always indicate us to improve some aspects for better service and public praise.

Couple days ago, we received a 2 star review for Guild Wars 2 Gold service on


MmoGah review on Trustpilot for guild wars 2 gold

What Beetle O reviewed was real, he purchased 1000 GW2 gold on MmoGah.com, and he requested us to buy him ectoplasms for the value of 1000 gold. We spent 1024 gold to buy the ectoplasms and mailed him in game. But when he got the ectoplasms we mailed him, he found that the ectoplasms only worth 600 gold on AH then. So he believed that it was our fault which made him lose gold. But in fact, it was caused by the changing of price on AH for this game, maybe hours or days later, the ectoplasms will be worth 1000 gold again.

For this issue, it’s our fault not mentioning our customers on our site to take note of the items they want us to buy for them to resell. So we adjusted some information on MmoGah.com Guild Wars 2 Gold.

MmoGah Guild Wars 2 Gold

We can also see the NOTICE on the payment page.

guild wars 2 gold payment


However, we need to appreciate Beetle O for his honest review, which makes us realize the negligence on MmoGah.com.

We hope that every customer can tell us every suggestion or complain for MmoGah.com so that we can grow up healthily and quickly to offer better and better service and products.

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