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“One Path Ends” – GW2 Episode 6 of Living World Season 3 Arrives on July 25

Bmichaellogan July 24th, 2017 Guild Wars 2    MmoGah News

Guild Wars 2 Episode 6 of Living World Season 3 arrives on July 25. GW2 players will be able to finally see the epic conclusion to Living World Season 3 on July 25. ArenaNet is inviting guild wars 2 players to mark their calendars for what will doubtless be a wild ride to a stunning cliffhanger!




Living World Season 3 started with the future of Destiny's Edge and the Pact put into question as well as what will happen to Glint's Egg? All of the preceding five chapters till have laid the groundwork for the final destination starting July 25th.


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Watch the Trailer for “One Path Ends”

One Path Ends”—the sixth and final episode of Living World Season 3—arrives on July 25. Watch the teaser trailer below!




Streams for July 25

Tuesday, July 25

Bog Otter Plays the Living World Season 3 Finale (by Bog Otter) (English)
9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
You can watch Bog Otter play the Living World Season 3 finale.

Episode 6 Peachy Party! (by Aurora Peachy) (English)
11:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Speculation, lore discussion, and general hype with Aurora Peachy’s friendly community! Let’s explore the finale of Living World Season 3.




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