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  • GW2: Super Adventure Festival 2017 Will Last Till April 20th
    By Cathy Deng2017-04-07 00:00:00

    Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival has arrived on March 30th, and it will last till April 20th. Last week contributed an article Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival Is Coming on March 30. Since this article was released, we have gotten some feedback from our readers. Most of the readers want to know more details about Super Adventure Festival. Therefore, MmoGah as one of the best gw2 items and gw2 gold selling sites will share more details and features with players.



    Super Adventure Festival Will Last Till April 20th


    • Moto’s famous Super Adventure Box has been opened again with the Super Adventure Festival!

              - Play World 1 and World 2 on Normal, Infantile, or Tribulation Modes.

              - Earn holographic weapon skins from the new Crimson Assassin set by completing festival daily achievements.

              - Seek out hidden furniture shops and collect Fancy Furniture Coins to purchase new decorations.

    • Festivities will be scheduled to end at 9:00 a.m. April 19 Pacific Time (UTC -7).




    • Updated the rapid water in Super Adventure Box World 2 to smoothly push the player downstream rather than repeatedly knock them around.
    • Updated the dart traps in Super Adventure Box World 2 to deal damage and knock back players rather than instantly kill them.

              - Dart traps in Tribulation Mode still deal fatal damage.

              - Some dart traps have been disabled in all difficulty modes.

    • The Havoc’s Heir has been retrofitted with new Silent Steam technology, allowing Captain’s Airship Pass holders to visit in peace and quiet.



    Super Adventure Box (SAB): Tribulation Mode 


    Dying is part of life. Dying over and over is part of Tribulation Mode.


    Super Adventure Festival is the most enjoyable event in guild wars 2 and it features a ton of fun activities that include jumping into the box, using bouncing skills, taking on Lord Vanquish, collecting items and much more. Players will be able to collect very special power-ups face, defeat the evil Lord Vanquish, and collect baulble bubbles. If players collect enough items, they can use them to exchange for special rewards!



    Players travel through dangerous worlds and various zones either by themselves or with a party to save Princess Miya and emerge victorious. In each unique zone, players must jump to difficult platforms, dodge projectiles, defeat challenging enemies, avoid hidden traps, and simply figure out where to go in order to collect rewards and complete the world. There is no fall damage, so players can be daring when it comes to exploration. Players may even be able to discover hidden rooms. There are checkpoints to save progress along the way. And game modes vary to suit each player: Infantile (easiest), Normal, and Tribulation (the most difficult).


    To start the journey, players will begin in World 1. Here players will learn how to control their character in the Super Adventure Box, and then go through several levels on their way to the Kingdom of Fungus in which lies King Toad. Players can only advance to World 2 once they have completed World 1. After that, players will go to World 2 where things get much more difficult. After all, the World 2 has assassins. Moreover, the World 2 has Tribulation Mode which should only be done by players who don’t mind big challenges.



    If players are looking for something new in gw2, the Super Adventure Box will definitely do not let them down. Entering SAB shops can improve players’ quality of life and it can add more skill slots. If players die many times, they must spend Continue Gold to advance. If the defeated players do not decide to advance in time, they will be teleported out of the world and back to the Super Adventure Hub. As a trustworthy site, MmoGah is definitely one of the best guild wars 2 items and guild wars 2 gold suppliers nowadays. Players can read this guide Where Is the Best Place to Buy GW2 Gold and GW2 Items and they will find why MmoGah is the best choice! MmoGah has more than 10 years’ experience in the gaming industry and has good reputation among gw2 players. Players will have a great experience at MmoGah. Whenever players need to buy gw2 items, or have requirement in gw2 gold, please do not hesitate to contact the 24/7 online Live Chat.