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Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire: Countdown to Launch!

Cathy Deng September 18th, 2017 Guild Wars 2    MmoGah News

There is only a week left - Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ launches on Friday, September 22! We are kicking off the final countdown today, so keep an eye on MmoGah. Here are a few dates to mark on your calendar:



Monday, September 18: 

Elonagram Screenshot Contest winners will be announced


Tuesday, September 19: 

The Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire launch trailer will premiere


Thursday, September 21 at 9:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC-7): 

Rebroadcasts of Guild Chat episodes, developer diaries, and videos will run on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel


Friday, September 22 – Launch Day

7:00 – 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)

Join us for our launch day livestream with members of the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire development team, and expect some fun surprises! The pre-show begins at 7:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7), followed by the stream at 8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7). You can watch on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.


Approximately 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) – Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Launch

The Crystal Desert is yours to explore! Make sure to pack sunscreen, don’t approach choya without protective gear, and remember that sand eels bite when threatened.


Saturday, September 23: 

Our partners will stream Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire content all weekend long.  You can check the schedule to find out when we’ll be hosting your favorite streamers.


If you haven’t picked up your copy of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire yet, you can still prepurchase any time before the expansion launches to receive bonus in-game items.


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