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  • Guild Wars 2 Legendary Armor Is Coming Soon
    By Cathy Deng2017-04-28 00:00:00

    Guild Wars 2 Legendary Armor will be attainable next Tuesday, May 2nd, when the Flashpoint Living World story arrives. Here MmoGah as a professional gw2 gold and gw2 items site would like to share this good news with you.


    Legendary armor is a reward for defeating the raid bosses. It will have a unique look and animation, and will come complete with rune slots. You simply need to complete the requisite collection by visiting “the only living thing remaining in the Bastion of the Penitent once the prison has been cleared.”



    Creating the armor has been a very long and intense process. It has never produced any armor set as complicated as the legendary armor in guild wars 2


    Legendary Armor comes in Heavy, Medium and Light varieties, each with a unique transformation mode when the wearer enters combat. In addition to flashy new effects, Legendary Armor will have selectable stats much like Legendary Weapons, and let you swap Runes and Infusions at will out of combat.


    Heavy Armor



    The heavy armor conveys images of chivalrous knights—plated ‘iron soldiers’ of war. With a flash, and the flare of winged magic, the armor transforms and is imbued with mystical energy. Since the heavy armor was our first implementation of this new armor tech, the challenge quickly grew beyond making a good-looking armor; we had to figure out how to convey a sense of awe that grew with the armor through its transformation while navigating through the confines of new technical limitations compounded on top of the already existing ones. 


    Medium Armor



    Medium armor is crafted from a collection of the finest bones of legendary foes. These special bones hold magical powers that are channeled throughout the armor, culminating in a surge of mystical energy. When the transformation is complete, excess energy is expelled from the wyvern skulls.


    Light Armor



    The light armor is based on the mystical energy of crystals. It’s surrounded by crystal energy, and holds magical power within. When entering combat, the crystal energy is released to transform the armor into its combat form. The energy is distributed among crystal spikes, manifesting as an electrical aura. The armor transformation has been a huge challenge, but the result is quite satisfying.


    When you apply an upgrade (rune or infusion) to a piece of legendary armor and there is already an upgrade in the slot you have selected, the existing upgrade will be moved to your inventory and the new upgrade will replace it.


    When Flashpoint releases next Tuesday, you will be able to complete the collection and legendary armor will be obtainable (and viewable in the wardrobe). Each piece can be worn individually or as a complete set, so you are free to mix and match.


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