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Crafting Guide in Guild Wars 2

Cathy Deng May 25th, 2017 Guild Wars 2    MmoGah News

Crafting in Guild Wars 2 tends to be a fun experience, which provides useful guild wars 2 items for your characters. Each of your characters can be working with two crafting disciplines at any time. Here MmoGah would like to share Guild Wars 2 crafting guide with GW2 fans.



Preparation for Crafting

Crafting is not difficult, but it will require you to do a few things. You will need a lot of space for all the components you make. You will probably want to get some big bags to improve your inventory as soon as possible if you are serious about crafting. And the ability to level your crafting is not tied to your characters level.


You can gain experience as long as you keep making things. It is possible to level up from crafting alone! Moreover, you will need a large supply of raw materials. These can be found in the world when loot drops or from harvesting nodes. You can also salvage unwanted gw2 items and turn them back into raw materials. You can try buying resources on the Trading Post, but it is the most costly method. If you are part of a guild, many times resources will be shared among guild members, and this can be really helpful in leveling up your crafting.


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More Than One Active Craft

You can choose from nine different crafts in gw2 and have a total of two active crafts. The first significant change in the crafting system is you can level all crafts. You can change one active craft and learn another craft.

There are nine Crafting disciplines available to players:



Gathering and Salvaging Materials

There are three different gathering nodes. These are plants, wood, and mining. Nodes appear only for players and will disappear when players gather that nodes. There is no competition over nodes in guild wars 2. It differs from the traditional gathering methods in other MMOs.



To start gathering nodes you need to equip the proper gathering tool. The three gathering tools are pick, axe, and sickle with specific equipment slots for each tool. You can purchase these tools from merchants in the game.

There is one other way to obtain materials and it is through salvaging. It is also the only way to obtain cloth and leather in GW2. Any weapon and armor piece can be salvaged, broken down into base materials. You can receive a small amount of materials from each salvaged material. Enemies will drop hides, scraps of leather, or pieces of cloth, requiring you to use the salvage method to obtain workable materials.


Fine Crafting Materials and Stats

Some crafts will also include a simple recipe for a completed item from the craft. For example, you want to create leather pants. You create the leather leg pads and the cloth leg linings needed for the leather pants. But this does not finish the item. There is a missing piece, the fine crafting component.



Fine crafting materials are special items that drop from enemies or crafted later using dropped items. These items grant the stat bonuses on a completed item.

These are the fine crafting materials in guild wars 2.



This system gives you the ability to control the stats. It is the basics of the craft system in GW2. And an item will require two component items and the fine crafting materials. You can increase your expertise in the craft to add new basic component recipes. And you need to discover all other recipes for finished items. This is the biggest difference from other craft systems.


Discovering New Recipes in Guild Wars 2

Discovery plays a key role in the crafting system. The system of discovery builds off the basic design of the crafting system.

In early stage of crafting, you can get recipes that build on the fine crafting components. These new items are symbols. And these symbols become the fine crafting components and use the previous outlined fine crafting components to construct the symbols.



To discover new recipes is simple. Following the basics of the previous outline to craft a pair of pants, you can construct two basic components and then craft one of the symbols.

You can open the discovery pane from tab options. From the discovery pane you can drag the two component items, and a fine crafting item or one of the symbols. The discovery pane will ask that a new recipe can be discovered and do you wish to craft? Clicking yes will reward you with a new recipe and a great deal of experience towards the craft.

What I mentioned above is the basics of the crafting guide in Guild Wars 2. More updated news will be heading your way very soon, and you can access MmoGah which is a trustworthy gw2 items and gw2 gold site to know more about us.


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