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Beginners’ Guide of Guild Wars 2

Many Guild Wars 2 players are probably raiding, running fractals, gathering mastery points to get above that level 80 cap, or farming gw2 gold in the enjoyable Heart of Thorns maps. But what about the new starting players? Many of them may have made their characters and finished the tutorial, but they still do not know how to start. Here MmoGah will share you the beginners’ guide of GW2, which will make you start off in the best possible position.



Gathering the Essentials

As soon as you finish the tutorial and gather some guild wars 2 gold, go and find the nearest merchant to buy bags. You're going to need lots of bag space, because your inventory can fill up quickly. Besides, you can get some gathering tools, and a salvaging kit. Gathering tools will help you gather resources around the map, and a salvaging kit will help you break down unneeded equipment into crafting components. So why would you want to fill your inventory up with crafting components? Because they can be deposited into your bank and free up space in your inventory by clicking the gear wheel. Those are pretty much the first few things you want to do, and you will continue to do them throughout the game as you continue to play.


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Personal Story

Whenever you have the chance to do so, look for the green star on your map and top right corner of the screen to continue to advance the personal story. Running through the personal story for the first time is interesting, which gives you experience and levels really fast. At a certain point, you'll be gated from the remaining story until your level is high enough. If you don’t know what to do, look in your Hero panel, find the Story Journal, and see if you can continue your personal story and go to the green star on the map. This is the fastest way to level up. In between story quests, you're best off just roaming the map and finding points of interests, waypoints, vistas, hero points, and completing hearts. Look for orange circles on the map, and these are dynamic events which can grant you good amounts of experience.


Finding Your Style

At level 11, you'll be able to use hero points to unlock new traits and skills. Don't worry too much about what skills and traits are the best for your class. From now until level 80, it is the time that you can experiment with different skills, different weapons, and different armor stats to find your play-style.


If you go into the PVP lobby by clicking the double sword icon, you can go to a merchant in the Heart of the Mists. You can buy all the weapons that are available to your class and try them out on the golems or class NPCs. Again, you'll be boosted to level 80 and have all the skills and traits unlocked, but don't worry too much about that just yet. If you do want to take an in-depth look at all the things available to you, perhaps you can even try your luck at playing PVP if you find a great combination of skills, traits, and gear setup. PVP will grant you Tomes of Knowledge which will grant you one level. If you're not ready for PVP yet, you can just come here to try out the weapons then head back out.



Once you hit level 80, everything becomes really fun as you'll be able to go for more specific goals, do raids, do the full collection of dungeons and fractals, participate in all the world bosses, complete living world seasons, farm masteries, explore the new Heart of Thorns content, and learn your new specialization. All of these will advance your class to gain more skills and traits.


I hope you can enjoy this guide and find it helpful. More update news will be heading your way very soon, and you can access MmoGah which is a trustworthy gw2 items and gw2 gold site to know more about us.

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